Movie of the Day – Casshern

If you are interested in movies that look like video games, then this will be the movie for you.  I have seen a lot of movies in my time, but none that really just go for the visual spectacle like Casshern does.  How it escaped my eyes for several years, I must say that I took the recommendation of Netflix to check this out after watching Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow (I liked that movie, so what) and sat there glued to my TV by the visual onslaught of a large, production budget for effects and nothing else.  Yeah, it kind of plays out like a video game that is all style and no substance, but damn if this isn’t one of the prettiest movies out there.  For an Asian release anyways.

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Movie of the Day – Tokyo Godfathers

While most of my holiday posts have been about the absurdity of Christmas, either from terrorists or being held hostage, I am not a Scrooge when it comes to Christmas movies.  I do have a soft spot for the holiday and I hope that today’s post proves that.  Christmas is about coming together, basking in the essence of life and joy and all the while being a family, whether with strangers or loved ones.  Tokyo Godfathers is one of more heartwarming tales of family and the unexpected gifts and ties that happen in our lives.  While not truly a Christmas movie, it holds true to the themes of the holiday and offers a compelling story that  has far more weight than the typical, formulaic Christmas movies that are out there.

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Movie of the Day – Cowboy Bebop

I have never really covered an animated film before on my blog, much less covering an anime.  It’s not for the lack of wanting to cover one, but rather I am just not that familiar with the medium as a whole.  I won’t lie, I had my anime phase in high school and part way through college, but there were really only a few series that really stuck with me.  If you have never been exposed to Cowboy Bebop, you are truly missing out on one of the best television series around.  I am not saying “best anime” series around, but this is truly one of the best shows around period.  The series is stylish, sleek, sexy, funky and an incredible character driven series.  We witness a futuristic, western, jazz filled genre bender and the cast of lovable bounty hunters gallivanting around space trying to scratch a living.  While the episodes are incredible to watch, it is really the combination of the characters and their history that fleshes out the series to more than just some action series.

I was sad when the series had it’s end, but very surprised that they got a full length feature film.  It was finally making it’s way to the big screen and I get to enjoy the antics of Spike, Jet and the rest of the crew.

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