Movie of the Day – The Advenutres of Milo and Otis

I hope you all are ready for some more animal cuteness cause it’s time for Milo and Otis.  Yes the movie with a pug nosed puppy and his curious cat friend.  I don’t have anything to say about the movie since in all honestly my brain will slowly devolve into mush as I watch the two lead frolic and play with one another as they are on the adventure of a lifetime.

Prepare for an overdose of cuteness!

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Documentary of the Day – Grizzly Man

A descent into madness or misguided good deeds of a man who’s only goal in life is to interact and raise awareness of bears in North America?  Those are the things that comes to my mind when watching Grizzly Man.  Without context, we would assume that the man known as Timothy Treadwell is a crazy environmentalist and animal advocate, doing something outrageous to bring attention to a cause by placing himself in the environment in which his cause resides in.  It is a man that might be on the edge of sanity, taunting death at every turn by trying to help and understand the bears in their environment.  But to better understand the reasons and situation better, instead of making conjectures, it took the documentary skills of German Werner Herzog to comb through 100’s of hours of footage to create the chronicle of one man’s tragic journey to save the Grizzly bears.

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