Movie of the Day – Lilo and Stitch

What a vastly underrated Disney animated movie.  Lilo and Stitch certainly was one of those Disney movies that might have seemed like a lower tiered Disney release, one not destined to have the trappings of a usual princess fare with some sort of whimsical nature.  No Lilo and Stitch is actually a much deeper animated adventure, one that goes into the idea of family, belonging and friendship.  It isn’t all seriousness, as the movie brings one of the most likeable characters to the screen, Stitch.  Plus this is kind of a girl and her dog bonding happening, which I am a dog person so this speaks right to me.

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Happy 4th of July – Independence Day


Earf, Welcome to it.

Movie of the Day – Prometheus

Today I am pulling up an older review, again still busy at the film festival, but I want to at least have some content back on the site while I get to watch some killer movies tonight and intro Miami Connection again…for the 4th time in front of an audience.  I am really enjoying this new festival in KC and hope that it continues into next year as the line up of films is stellar and I will have reviews for the following movies; History of Future Folk, Save The Date, Greetings from Tim Buckley, A Band Called Death and I Declare War.  Give them a look up and see what I will be talking about.

Anyways, today’s post is bringing back the often conflicting film Prometheus.  I remember in my initial review, which will be linked, that I ended up giving this a 4 out of 5, even despite the waning of enjoyment upon a second viewing.  But I still come back to that movie again and again for the visual spectacle that unfolds and what could have been achieved once that initial awe of seeing a Ridley Scott sci-fi movie once again.  I still think that the movie is still great from an overall presentation and technical aspect.  The characters are what sink the movie a bit along with some plot issues that make you think “what the hell” instead of being immersed in the story and world.

It’s still an original property, something new that didn’t get the usual remake or re-imagined treatment that Hollywood is in love with, but Prometheus isn’t without its faults and the performance and Noomi and Fassbender are the crowning points on this flick.  The visuals are stellar and frankly, look amazing in 3D as well.  But I will still hold true to my initial review with some caveats and I still enjoy watching this movie from time to time.  So below is an excerpt of my review and the link to the full item.  Enjoy!

But all is not lost, as Rapace and Fassbender deliver the most compelling and intriguing acting in the film.  Rapace, who most people will know as the original Lisbeth Salander in the Swedish version of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, turns in a performance that is reminiscent of Sigourney Weaver as Ripley.  The marketing for the film downplays her involvement in the film, but she is truly the star of the show along with Fassbender.  Rapace plays the naive Dr. Shaw with a doe-eyed love for finding the truth in their existence, only to see it all stripped of humanity and knowing that all is lost.  Rapace is leading lady material, overshadowing her contemporaries in the film with an unbelievable chaotic energy.  Micahel Fassbender plays the robot David, an eerie, life-like human robot who is both calm stoic, but deftly capable of outsmarting everyone.  His motive are masked behind the expressionless veneer his character has.  Plotting and staying one step ahead of the crew, his plans for the discovery are slowly revealed through his manipulation and calm actions.  I could watch an entire film about David and his attempts to humanize himself further.  From his care taking of the crew, to his robotic, autonomic functions, Fassbender gave a bit of soul to a soulless robot.

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Movie of the Day – Aliens vs Predator: Requiem

I am a simple man folks, sometimes I don’t care if a movie has some sort of coherent plot, decent acting, compelling characters or even the bare minimum for critics to give it a passing grade without resorting to zero stars or whatever they use to say a movie is crap.  I like popcorn flicks as much as the next person and today, I got just the one for you all, specifically for those that are currently stuck in the midwest snowstorm of whatever dumbass name it is this time.  Let’s get chestbursty with Aliens vs Predator: Requiem.

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Movie of the Day – Predator 2

Yeah, I concede that trading Arnold for Glover isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but at least he wasn’t getting too old for this shit.  The shit being predator hunting, cause instead of being stuck in the jungle with a bunch of sweaty, burly men, The Predator takes in the sights of Los Angeles this time around.  I guess they kept trying to connect the movie to the first with saying now it’s an urban jungle instead of an actual jungle, but whatever.  People who were going to see this movie didn’t give a shit about the setting, just that they can see some awesome predator action.  This movie certainly delivers that.

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Movie of the Day – Mars Attacks!

Ack! Ack! Ack!  Ack Ack Ack!  Ack!

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Shit Movie of the Day – Skyline

Man, yet another science fiction movie that has essentially shattered my realm of fantasy with one of the prettiest pieces of shit that I have ever seen.  The trailer had me, it really did.  I saw that teaser trailer and thought that this was going to be amazing, something utterly incredible to watch and behold.  I was talking about it on forums and I was discussing about it with people at the local comic book shop I frequent.  Sci-fi nerds like me were ready for some sort of mass, alien invasion battle movie.  And then when the movie happened….silence.

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Movie of the Day – Critters

If those Gremlin things went up against the creatures from Critters, I would go with Critters every time.  This is just an insane movie, cheesy, but insane and fun to watch.  I have to really give it up to the USA network during the early 90s cause they just played the hell out of these b-movie classic and Critters, along with all of its sequels, were shown on constant rotation.  The quintessential step-brother to Gremlins, I think this movie is just kickass.  Little furry balls of death that devour anything in their path.  That poor, unsuspecting and typical horror movie setting mid-western town doesn’t know what’s about to come.

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Movie of the Day – Predator (revisited)

In just a mere two hours, I will be taking part in our local Alamo Drafthouse KC Tough Guy Movie Night.  Tonight’s movie is Predator, with all the trimmings.  There will be in-theater explosions, cap guns for each patron, booze and a bunch of die hard Predator fans.  I can’t wait for this experience and it got me to re-up an old movie post for today only.  Below is an excerpt from my original post and link to the new article.

Wish  me luck and GET TO THE CHOPPAH!

This is just flat out a man’s movie.  If you have never seen this movie, stop what you are doing right now and go watch this movie.  This article can wait, but this movie cannot.  Predators is basically all the trappings of the 80s action era rolled into one movie and exploded onto the screen.  This movie was negatively reviewed hard, to the point where critics were just pulling apart the movie like the predator does to his victims.  Everything from the story (a movie about an alien that hunts humans), mindless action drivel (macho men carrying guns and killing people), and a poor empty vessel for a sci-fi movie (lasers, ha amateurs).   What the hell do those critics know?  This movie still stands the test of time in terms of action and memorable villains.

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Movie Review – The Watch

I love science fiction.  I love comedy.  I thought that the two genres of film might make beautiful love, but instead end up circle jerking one another in the Akiva Schaffer directed sci-fi comedy The Watch.

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