Movie of the Day – The Good the Bad the Weird

Time to combine two of my favorite things into one post, westerns and Korean cinema.  How is that even remotely possible, well considering the Korean cinema is already leaps and bounds ahead of Hollywood films, having them take a stab at genre bending themes isn’t a big stretch.  Kim Ji-woon makes yet another appearance on my blog after his most recent movie I Saw The Devil and now we get to witness his stab at the spaghetti western genre with not one or two, but three of my favorite Korean actors sharing the same screen in a homage to The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Song Kang-ho from The Host, JSA, and Memories of Murder plays the weird character Yoon Tae-goo.  Lee Byung-hun (A Bittersweet Life, JSA, and I Saw The Devil) plays the devilish bad character named Park Chang-yi.  Last is Jung Woo-sung (Musa and The Restless) plays our good character named Park Do-won.  All three of these incredible actors and a icon director all coming together for a Korean westerns is probably the greatest thing since Peanut Butter and Jelly in the same jar.  Here’s the reasons why…

The Good

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