Trailer Time! – Ladies Night Edition

I realize that I don’t post a lot of movies that are aimed at female demographic of my site.  I apologize for that egregious lack of female centric films and I plan to make it up to you with one movie preview and one movie preview only.  Well actually I plan to make it up to you all with the one post that will totally redeem myself cause this will be the movie of the year.  It has it all mind; dancing, male strippers, bump n’ grind, Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, Alex Pettyfer, based on real events and directed by Steven Soderbergh.  This piece of cinematic orgasm is called…

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Trailer Time! – Swagger Edition

Lord I haven’t done a trailer time in a long time, but you know I haven’t forgotten the love of film trailers here on Another Plot Device.  So to make up for my lost time and negligence of posting about trailers, I am bringing you nothing but the best this time around.  Put on your dancing shoes, grab the ghetto blaster and thrown down the cardboard on the concrete.  Time to pop and lock this shit to the break of dawn with today’s trailers.

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Trailer Time! – Too many to count

Alright, it has been a long time coming for another trailer posting special, so here you go.  I got a handful of trailers that are getting me pumped, either because they are thought provoking or downright ridiculous.  In any case, take a look and get excited!

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Trailer Time! – Lockout & Iron Sky

I am really excited to be talking about these trailers since one is utterly ridiculous and so far out there that it was love at first sight.  The other trailer tickles my science fiction fancy and finally sees Guy Pierce in a BA role since The Proposition.  Actually both of the trailers are of the Sci-Fi realm that I know I will see them on day one when they hit the theaters.  So let’s get this started shall we.

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Trailer Time! – Windfall & This Means War

Round Three folks and this time I got a couple of trailer I want to highlight, even though they are close to being released in theaters.  On the offering plate today, Windfall, which apparently tells about the dark side of Wind Technology ( IS NOTHING SAFE ANYMORE)!?  The last trailer is a bromance if I have ever seen one, This Means War.  Hey it even has a release date of Feb. 14th, you can take your favorite bro to see this!


Honestly, even wind turbines have a dark side to them.  I can’t even fathom living in a world where every fucking thing is out to get you.  All knee-jerk reaction aside, this documentary actually brings up a good point about the pursuit of Green Technology.  It’s one thing to want to turn green and pursue clean energy resources, but it’s another to turn a blind eye to what that pursuit means for everyone.  Windfall looks to give some clarity to the debate about Wind farms and their placement within  a community.  While green energy is a fantastic idea, there hasn’t been a lot of insight into the environmental effects of the windmills as we usually dismiss them because, hey it’s green technology.  I certainly find the aspect of the focusing on the community of people that have to deal with the windmills and what they think about having a giant, massive windmill sitting in their backyard.

This Means War:

You know, I realize that this is a fairly bro-ish movie, but damn if it doesn’t look entertaining.  I like the aspect of having a suedo, Spy vs. Spy movie and having both Tom Hardy and Chris Pine together on screen seems like a good mix.  Hell, this movie is being released on Valentines day so you can take your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife or even your favorite bro to this movie.  It’s a safe bet!

Trailer Time! – Shame & Moonrise Kingdom

Wahoo!!!  Time for another batch of trailers to get you psyched for movies and going to the movies and popcorn and all that jazz.  I got two new trailers, one for a recent release that is making the rounds on the art house scene because of it’s rating and new trailer for a brand new Wes Anderson release.  Are you excited?!  You will be once you see what’s in store today!

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Trailer Time! – Silent House & Upside Down

Wow it has been a long time since I have done a movie trailer post, but in my New Year’s Resolution post, I wanted to start branching out more and bringing to light something other than the occasional film review and movie post.  I want to start bringing in trailers that catch my eye or showcase something new to everyone out there reading, so I bringing back the trailer posts.  This will be more of a spur of the moment thing, so not necessarily a weekly thing, but whenever I see an interesting trailer, I will make a post about it or a batch of trailers.  So let us start off the posts with two recently released trailers, one a remake of a Uruguay  film and a new, mind bending science fiction movie.

Silent House:

So way back in the first round of movie trailers, I posted about a South American film called The Silent House, which boasts that it is a single shot, 78 minute horror film.  I never got a chance to find this movie anywhere, which is sad since I loved the premise and want to witness a director and actor, do a whole movie in one take.  Well, there is an American remake, which was inevitable, that stars Elizabeth Olsen from Martha Marcy May Marlene.  While the story apparently differs a bit from the original, it still pushes the whole, one shot take angle fairly hard in the marketing.  To be honest, I will go see this as Elizabeth Olsen was incredible in her first film and I want to see what she is capable of doing.

Upside Down:

Everyone knows about my love of science fiction.  It should come as no surprise that this is the sort of movie that I would get excited about.  The teaser trailer is the first bit of actual footage as to what this film even looks like as it has been in development for years and from what I have seen in the trailer, this looks incredible.  A story about two people, Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess, living on two separated sides of a fantastical world.  Kirsten being from above and Jim from below, it’s the literal sense of people from the opposite sides of the tracks and while the film looks to be genre bending at every turn, there is something familiar about what is taking place in the trailer.  To me the film has shown some elements of Andrew Niccol and his Gattaca flick and the romantic styling of Wong Kar Wai films.  To say the least, I have no idea if and when this will be released in America, but I will be sure to see it on opening day.  This is the sort of trailer that gets you excited about a movie.

Trailers of the Week – Chronicle & The Flowers of War

Been a while since I post some trailer but I got a new batch that incredibly interesting.  I will try and continue the weekly trailer posts as it keeps me honest.  So today, a superhero movie about developing powers and a foreign film with Batman (Christian Bale) in the lead.  It”s also done by Zhang Yimou.


First, I am sort of growing tired with the found footage genre of movies.  It’s tiring, it allows for sloppy camera work to mask the short comings of the cinematography and a cheap visual ploy.  They all follow this standard path and it’s jarring sometimes to watch the action unfold.  Some movies used this well; [REC] and Blair Witch, Cloverfield a little bit too much wonky camera work and the rest are just jittery movie that have not much else to offer.  Second, this is what the show Heroes should have been.  I can see the angle of the documented footage chronicling the powers that the kids have working to its advantage.  Given our ever increasing usage of technology in our daily lives, seeing three young people use their new found powers for Punkd style antics fits just right in.  But where the movie shines is the unfolding of their powers.  We see one kid essentially have the trappings of a villain and it’s understandable since they are young and don’t realize what they have.  I am excited to see what this movie has in store, since it is a superhero style movie and it has my money already.

The Flowers of War:

This is making the rounds as an official submission to the Best Foreign Film category in the Oscars this year, The Flowers of War is a depiction of the 1937 Massacare of Nanking or Rape of Nanking where Japanese troops raped and murdered the women and children of Nanking in China.  The film looks incredibly compelling and emotional as it depicts the events of the massacre in all the horrific details we can imagine.  So far I have seen other clips of the movie online and it is terribly brutal to watch.  But there is some redemption in the form of Bale’s acting and the story overall.  The film has a mix of English, Japanese and Chinese languages in the film, so it adds to the layers of the film with realism and strong direction from Zhang Yimou.

Trailers of the Week – Double Dose of Trailers

Well I missed last weeks post and now I am behind a few days on this post.  Damn my movie watching!  Anyways the wait is worth it since I can post the newly released Avengers trailer on here and you know, that will be the first trailer of this post.  ONWARD!

The Avengers:

FUCK YES!  This is what we have been waiting as comic book fans since Marvel Studios came into being.  It was well known that once Marvel Studios formed, they would start working on an overarching series of movies that tie the Marvel universe together.  Seeing all these stars and comic book characters in one trailer is practically euphoric.  Sure there will be a lot of quick retorts from Downey, a lot of hair flipping from Johansson, and on screen camera hogs, but shit does it look awesome.  Also the best thing about it, Loki is the villain.  I always loved his character from the Thor comics and felt he got the short end of the stick with character development thanks to Marvel and their rush to get these movies out in a timely matter for The Avengers.

We Bought A Zoo:

Good lord is that not an emotional trailer?  They got me with the inclusion of a Sigur Ros song in the trailer.  Thanks a lot Cameron Crowe.  Aside from the trailer, this looks absolutely beautiful.  A story about a family that buys up a Zoo and brings it back to life all while maintaining the family bond is touching and sure to get a lot of notice.  While it’s a Cameron Crowe movie, you be certain of one thing and that it’s going to have a stellar soundtrack.  As a matter of fact, Jonsi from Sigur Ros is going to produce the soundtrack.  Wins all around.

Young Adult:

While the fact that this movie is written by Diablo Cody, I was a bit hesitant to really want to give this a chance.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of Juno “pork swords” and “swear to blog” aside, this actually looks like a very well developed movie and having Jason Rietman (director of Up In The Air) doesn’t hurt your chances.  Having Patton Oswalt in the movie also improves your credibility since he is a geek god.

The Grey:

The only thing I got of this trailer is this:  LIAM NESSON BARE KNUCKLE BOXES WOLVES!  Just take my money for fucks sake!

Trailers of the Week – 13 & Knuckle

Wahoo more trailers to feast your eyes on.  One of the latest trailers to come out this past week or so (not keeping track) is actually a remake of movie from 2005, done by the same director and now in English for the lazy shits that don’t want to bother reading subtitles.  So 13 Tzameti got remade to suit the tastes of American audiences and with a more friendly faced cast in 13.  Last is a trailer entitled Knuckle.  It’s about bare knuckle boxing, so that pretty bad ass.


If you haven’t read my Movie of the Day post about 13 Tzameti, please read it here.  Basically the movie is just an English (from what I have seen from the trailer) sort of shot for shot remake of the movie, but the nice thing is that they got the original director to do this.  Just replace the previous cast with action stars and done.  Still, I am interested in seeing the movie if they kept the tone of the 2005 film.


This is how you settle disputes, like Irish, sweaty gypsies.  Knuckle is a documentary about the trails and tribulations of two rival clans known as Travelers.  Essentially these two clans have a mutual hatred of one another and settle disputes by pitting different men into bare knuckled boxing matched for honor and money.  Director Ian Palmer has been granted a glimpse into the lives of these closed off people and has done so for over 10 years.  Aside from the sweaty boxing, this look fascinating, like glimpsing into an unknown society.  I haven’t seen it on VOD, but I will check it out once I get the chance.