Listen UP! POD-tacular!

Hey everyone!  Another installment of my podcasting endeavors with the dudes from Lost In Reviews.  We are already 4 podcasts deep and we are still going strong.  Hoping this still becomes a regular, weekly deal but one step at a time.  I just love writing for them and sitting down with my friends, talking about movies and music.  This time around we cover three movies and some thoughts about the summer movie season.  Enjoy!

The Lost In Reviews Podcast #4: The Spectacular P.O.D.cast

On this week’s Podcast John and Rich discuss the divisiveness of NIN’s new track “Everything” and Nick joins in to talk about Kick Ass 2, Jobs, The Spectacular Now, before the dudes all pick their favorite films of the summer.

Listen UP!

Well well well, looks like yours truly did yet another podcast for the site I write for, Lost In Reviews.  We recorded this past Wednesday and managed to get back into the swing of things after unsuccessfully trying to record again the past few weeks.  The stars aligned and we sat down to cover two podcasts worth of topics with music and movies, so hopefully you all enjoy  my latest project that will hopefully be weekly.


The Lost In Reviews Podcast #2: 2 GUNS!  2 CRAZY!  2 EXTREME!

After a week of technical difficulties and bad schedules, the LIR crew is finally back!

In this installment, we discuss seeing The Postal Service live and the importance of their album Give Up, and we review The Wolverine, 2 Guns, Only God Forgives, and The Conjuring. Don’t miss out on a fairly divisive X-Men discussion during the Wolverine segment and find out which of those four films is the first perfect 5 out of 5 review of the year from Richard!

Podcast link here.

The Lost In Reviews Podcast #3: Podapalooza

In this installment, we discuss whether We’re The Millers is actually funny or not, The Act Of KillingPercy Jackson: The Sea of…Monsters?, and Elysium! Then Richard and John discuss the failures of Buzz Under The Stars Night 2 in Kansas City, Ryan tells us about his experiences at this years Lollapalooza festival, including seeing NIN and The Cure, and John excitedly recounts the Death Grips fiasco from Lolla.

Podcast link here.

Cross Platform Promotion – Lost In Reviews Podcast

So ladies and gentlemen, I am now doing a podcast.  I don’t want to hurt myself while trying to pat my own back, but it was a little something that my counterparts over at wanted to start doing and well, here we are.  We are still figuring out the format and this was certainly a spur of the moment thing, but I am excited to just be bullshitting with my friends and talking about music and movies.

Our first one is just us chatting about Pacific Rim, Limp Bizkit and a bunch of other random shit.  The aim is to have this be a weekly podcast and fleshed out a bit more in terms of the format, talking points.  So this is a bit rough and frankly, we like how it turned out.  Hope you enjoy!

Here is the link to the podcast page and we will eventually get this on RSS and iTunes.

Mondo Mania!

Well I have decided that I will do away with a movie of the day post and decide to produce a little humble brag article for today.  As some of you have read before, back in January I and another guest blogger both picked out our favorite top ten Mondo posters of 2012.  You can see the articles here and here.  Now if you aren’t familiar with Mondo, let’s just say that it is some of the most impressive, artistic and collectible movies posters out there.  Anything that has to do with Mondo is highly collected and coveted.  I have been trying to collect Mondo’s since 2011, a little late to the game but still I think I have amassed a sizable possession of posters that have come to be some of the best art a person like me can own.  They are absolutely striking and captivating, often giving a movie a new life with some of the best artists out there giving it a new twist.

So today I wanted to showcase what I currently have in my collection.  I pulled images from the internet as I don’t have a high grade camera to get the details of the poster to shine.  Believe me though, the pictures don’t do them justice and must be seen to believe.  Enjoy!

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March Update! Alamo Style!

I thought that this would be a fun post to promote my part-time place of employment and show you all who don’t have a Drafthouse in your neck of the woods, a little of what I do there in terms of hosting and promoting.  Enjoy the montage folks!

Update Time!

I feel like I have to do one of these every so often to explain my lack of response back to comments and interaction.  In all honesty, I have just been swamped.  Between my 8-5 job and then working out at the Alamo Drafthouse for hours on end, I find myself getting thin on personal time and that sucks.  Comments pile up, traffic is dropping off, my general attitude as of late has been autopilot with posts while trying to find some semblance of sanity.  All that with the medical bills sucks, but not much can be done about that.  I feel like this is more of a chore sometimes and that sucks cause I don’t want this to be a chore.  I want this to be fun.

I am taking some steps to rectify that.  Trying to get back to old comments while retooling the blog and getting more involved.  I used to escape to this blog to calm myself after a busy night of hosting movie events and working my SEM job for the 8-5 gig.  It’s more of an empty promise currently, but I will get there.  I have a list of movies to review, a daily post to keep up and interactivity to build up.  I do have some things planned for the end of the month as I will be heading back to Columbia, MO for their annual documentary film festival.  I will be writing, blogging, tweeting and generally enjoying movies.  I think this will reinvigorate me with why I like to do this all.

So apologies to all, I know I neglect the interaction part of the blogging aspect, so I will do better.

Thanks and take care.

Also I am writing this before I head off to another wonderful event entitled Horror Remix at the Drafthouse.  Truly my home away from home.

Top 10 Mondo Posters of 2012: Guest Blogger Picks

Alright alright alright, time for a guest blogger to wow you poster fanatics with his personal picks for top Mondo posters of 2012.  This time my good friend and Mondo enthusiast, Luke Physioc, is stepping to wow you with his favorite posters and give you way better reasons about why he picked what he picked.  He is also an artist, so his word carries more weight.

If you want to submit your picks, drop me a message on twitter or leave a comment on the article.  I welcome everyone’s selections.

Now, on to the list.

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Top 10 Mondo Posters of 2012

Hello everyone!  Well, it is time for a new article and one that I am really excited about because it involves my favorite company out there for movie related posters and Mondo is their name.  If you aren’t familiar with their work or what they even do, good cause that means I have less competition to acquire their monthly poster releases for a serious buyer like myself.  So what better way to appreciate this fine company and the artists that tirelessly work to create some of the most amazing poster art for movies than to highlight my favorite ten posters that came out in 2012.  I also managed to get additional bloggers to add their list of picks and they will get their own post.  For now, here is my top ten list of Mondo posters.  Some I own, some I want, but all are amazing.

If you are interested in submitting your favorite Mondo poster of 2012, please message me and send your picks in.  I am excited to see what people pick as their favorite posters.  Now in no particular order:

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End of the Year List

Well, it’s that time for a list a of the things that I enjoyed this year and that happens to be movies.  I would have put this out earlier, I wanted to get in a few more movies before I make a definitive pick on the best of the year.  So in no particular order, here we go.  Feel free to discuss, some more analysis and reasons why will be updated as this was a quick article to put together.

Top Ten Movies of the Year

1.  The Master

2.  Argo

3.  Silver Linings Playbook

4.  Looper

5.  Django Unchained

6.  Moonrise Kingdom

7.  Cabin In The Woods

8.  Chronicle

9.  Skyfall

10.  Safety Not Guaranteed


Top Ten Documentaries of the Year

1.  The Imposter

2.  The Queen of Versailles

3.  Shut Up and Play the Hits

4.  The Waiting Room

5.  How to Survive a Plague

6.  Searching for Sugar Man

7.  Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry

8.  The Island President

9.  Detropia

10.  Bully

Top Ten Apocalyptic Movies

Yeah that’s right, I am going to forgo the usual movie of the day and give you ten movies of the day.  Mainly this is in honor of the supposed world ending event tomorrow predicted by the Mayans and their calendar.  Personally, I think they just ran out of room on that giant stone slab to put more dates on, but whatever.  So in honor of the end of the world tomorrow or not, whatever, I decided to pick some of my favorite end of the world, apocalyptic movies.

I will admit, apocalyptic movies are my jam, even those shitty ones like Knowing or 2012, I will watch them all.  I don’t know why, but something about the break down of society and humanity on the throes of having to survive in a completely changed landscape of civilization just hits the right spot for my movie loving ass.  So I got us a mix of end of world movies and movies where life goes on I guess.

Here’s to the Mayans and their calendar scare!  Cheers!

Also these movies are in no particular order.

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