Well well well, I guess I need to give you the details on this little work in progress.

First, welcome to my blog/site Another Plot Device.  This site is a little fun hobby/project that I have kicked around for a while but never really went through the motion of creating.  Another Plot Device is more or less a movie blog, but I know what you are going to say, “but there are hundreds of other movie blog sites out there.  What could you possibly add to the myriad of sites out there?”  Well to tell you the truth, nothing really.  This isn’t a site where I am breaking with the latest trailer for a rom-com or the next casting update for Batman.  This is place where I just want to post or discuss whatever I please.

Second, a little about myself.  I am a cinephile.  If you aren’t sure what that is, click here.  With me being a cinephile, there are a lot of inherit truths.  I love to talk about, watch and surround myself with movies.  On my facebook account I started to post a Movie of the Day, everyday, since September 2010.  It was just born out of boredom one day and I started receiving feedback from my friends about some of the movies I posted.  Some wanted to know more about the movies and others wanted to chime in with a quick witty comment here and there (which I love).  So after several months, I wanted to actually have a site to post additional material that goes with the Movie of the Day.  I wanted to add some insight, why I like this particular movie and anything else I wanted.  Posting on Faccebook is nice, but limiting in terms of the amount of text and responses one can add to an existing post.  So out of that chaos and my need to use up some of my free time, here we have Another Plot Device.

So to wrap this up.  This site is an extension of what I started doing on my facebook account.  This is more of a pet project for me.  The aim is not to be a premier movie blog, cause there are many other film sites that are far better at blogging than I am and also do that for a living.  I do this because I want to and I find it fun.  This is still in the beginning phases of development.  I will post my Movie of the Day, maybe even a trailer of the week, or even other film related stuff that I find interesting and think some people should know about.  Hell I might just post pictures of my dog Dexter re-enacting scenes from movies for my amusement…

Boyz in the Hood

If you like what you read and see, please post.  If you are here to be a dick and post rude stuff, that is your right as an American.

Leave some feedback and enjoy.

14 Responses to Bio

  1. ZG says:

    Nominated you for this award. Enjoy.

  2. claratsi says:

    Hi there, I was recently awarded a “7×7 link award” by a fellow blogger and was asked to pass it on to seven other blogs that I follow and like. I have chosen your blog as one the seven; here is a link at my blog to explain further

    Well done and thanks for your great blogging!

    • Nick says:

      Been a rough few weeks for me, I appreciate the award and I will totally get something out about this. Thank you for the nomination!

  3. claratsi says:

    Good day to you fellow blogger, today I have nominated you for THE ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD!
    CONGRATULATIONS on your great blog, check it out here:

  4. Nick,

    Here is another award: The Liebster. Take a look here to see what to do:


  5. Nick Powell says:


    Nick from here. Doing some scout work for the LAMB. We’re wanting to make an email newsletter for community features as well as a list we’re making similar to Sight & Sound’s best movies of all time list. Just need an email! Email me at npowe131 at

  6. Shah Shahid says:

    I’m not American. I hope that doesn’t take away from my right to be a dick and post rude comments? If anything… that should MAKE me American no? (I’m Canadian. :S)

    I dig Cinephiles and movie folks to rant with. Also: I wanna see Dexter act out AVATAR!


    • Nick says:

      On the internet sir, you are free to be a dick no matter the nationality. I feel bad for not getting back to this but now I am hitting my full stride here and finally getting back to commenting after being sidelined for a month.

      Thanks for the follow!

  7. Thank you for your posts, I just came across your blog and ABSOLUTELY like what I see, especially the movie/entertainment element which is right up my alley!
    If by chance you enjoy reading other blogs I’d be honored if you checked out mine, but regardless, keep up the entertaining work!

  8. John says:

    Happy two year blog anniversary, Nick. I found this site by googling movies with Mezzanine’s “Angel,” because I heard it on Pandora and said to myself “Wait a sec, I know this song was in at least 2 different movies…” Lo and behold, you had them culled for me.

    It’s hard to keep fresh content streaming in, I should know I run my own blog. Even with as many movies as I watch, I’d never take the time to review them on a blog every day, so kudos for keeping it fresh. The coolest thing is that there are enough theatrically released films for you to do this for over a millennium!

    • Nick says:

      Thanks for the comment. The song Angel really has been in a ton of movies and if it gets people to my site, all the better.

      I do find it hard to keep up with the constant updates and reviews as I am juggling so many different things. I work full time in advertising, then work part time at a theater doing hosting and events, then I host trivia nights at a local bar a few nights a week. That and I am writing for other sites that I neglect my own site too much. It all works out though cause I love doing this.

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