Movie Review (sort of) – Grown Ups 2


Seriously, this movie beat out Pacific Rim.  PACIFIC RIM!  A movie about gigantic robots battling gigantic monsters from the deep is apparently not even dumb enough for you to march into the movie theaters, but Adam Sandler rehashing the same exact shit from the first Grown Ups movie is enough to win you over.  This is why there are no original movies coming out of Hollywood, this is why we won’t get new properties or original ideas because Hollywood sees dollar signs in the fact that the people have spoken and they love shit.

I ended up seeing this for free and wanted to choke somebody out for this.  To be fair, I only watched like 25 minutes of the movie before leaving the Drafthouse in utter disbelief that this was getting uproarious laughs.

Did the movie going public not know what Pacific Rim was about and did a cursory Google search on it?   I can understand if for some reason they did a search and ran across this image for a Gay Porno of the same name.


Listen, that is reasonably understandable if they saw that image and did’t want to sit through Pacific Rim and chose Grown Ups 2 over this.  But to be perfectly honest, I would rather watch this porno than Grown Ups 2 because at least with the porn movie, I am not the one getting fucked.

Anyways, this isn’t really a review more so than a rant that we will eventually get a Grown Ups 3.  If you don’t think we will, then you truly underestimate what a truck load of cash and another ding on your dignity will inspire.

For Grown Ups 2, I have this video image to say:

Enjoy all 10 hours of it.

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