Movie of the Day – A Band Called Death

I realized I just posted the full on review of this amazing, amazing documentary about a week ago, but I just can’t help myself in trying to get everyone to see it.  It played at our local Alamo Drafthouse and is getting legs in terms of opening at local art theaters, but the movie is out on VOD and available for download right this instance.  It is truly an amazing story that must be heard and one of the most compelling documentaries out there now.

I also wanted to toot my own horn as about a week ago I was asked to be an on air guest for HuffPost Live and chat with the members of Death and the directors of the documentary.  It was unreal to get to ask them some questions, which one only made it on air.  Still though, I don’t say this without some weight behind it and this is one of the best movies/documentaries out there this year.  Easily one of my top ten movies.

Well below is a link to the original review and also to the HuffPost Live interview with Death and my dumb mug on the screen towards the end of interview.


Original review of A Band Called Death.

Anchored by the wonderful storytelling of Dannis and Bobby, they openly talk about the band, the history and their lives with a bit a humor and emotional weight.  They lay the foundation of who they are out there for the audience and you connect with the story and their journey more than you will ever know.  You feel the highs and lows of the brothers, but the bittersweet ending is all that you need to leave the theater with a smile on your faces, redness in your eyes from the tears and newfound respect admiration for what it means to stick to your convictions through thick and thin.

It’s time to embrace Death.

A Band Called Death 1c

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