Movie of the Day – Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane

Oh yes people, I am definitely going to enjoy talking about this shitty gem from a time when zombies were all the rage.  Dead Plane is it also called and will be called cause I refuse to type the whole shit name out, but regardless of the title and the farce of a premise that placing zombies on a trans-atlantic flight could be exciting for anyone, this actually was a fantastic piece of gory crap that is just pure trashy fun and for that, I love it.  It’s zombies on a plane folks, there is really the only logical place that zombie movies can go.

Flight 1a

What was to be a simple flight from L.A. to Paris turns deadly when a genetically engineered zombie virus breaks out within the cabin of a fateful 747 jumbo jet in Flight of the Living Dead. Unbeknownst to the passengers and crew, a CIA scientist has stowed away a package on the flight that will endanger the lives of everyone onboard. As the plane makes its way through some heavy storm clouds, the package is jostled and a secret government zombie experiment is unleashed on the plane, infecting everything in its wake. Soon, every living being on the jet is fighting for their lives as the ravenous, gut-munching monsters give them little places to hide aboard this dreaded flight. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi

Let’s be real for a second, this is actually a good, gory b-movie, nothing more or less.  The mere fact that the makers of this movie ran out of ideas and were like, “alright, zombies and something else…Snakes on a Plane did well, ah what the hell put them on a plane”.  Those motherfuckers struck gold with this idea cause you get a completely ridiculous horror movie, some pretty fun gore scenes that are the only reasons to watch this and again, it’s zombies on a plane.

Flight 1b

I always look at these movie with just pure glee, mainly for the sheer fact that these b-movies are a dime a dozen, but there is just one gem out of the whole bunch that makes it standout.  The makers of these sort of movies know this, so the concepts are raised to an absurd level, which is probably why those sci-fi movies are such a guilty pleasure to watch.  This just brings together fun levels of gore along with unintentional chuckles that you can freely enjoy.

It’s hard to get over how having zombies on a plane can be exciting.  I mean yeah these are fast moving zombies with olympic level athleticism, but still, the movie should have been over in less than 20 minutes because there is really nowhere to go and who just brings guns onto a plane in a post 9/11 world?  Well this movie doesn’t adhere to it and brings along plenty of kills, gore, and absurdity.  It’s a guilty pleasure to watch this sort of muck and frankly, I couldn’t ask for more.  Zombie movies are a dime a dozen and this one just decides to play it’s trump card in the title and execution to everyone’s surprise.

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