Movie of the Day – Penitentiary 3

Ah the Cannon Group, a film company that’s only purpose to churn out mid to low grade movies with bottom of the barrel scripts and basically turning shit into unadulterated gold.  They are the group responsible for movie like Bloodsport, Invasion USA, Breakin’ and Rockula.  During the heyday of the 80s, they paired with Golan Globus to release one of the single most amazing prison films ever made folks.  I am talking better than any other prison movie that has been released or will ever be released.  After the jump you will see why.

Pen 3a

The third entry in the violent cycle of prison dramas has street-kid turned prizefighter Too Sweet back in the slammer again. Because he is such a great fighter, he finds himself caught in the uncomfortable position of having to choose whether to fight for the warden or for the crook who rules the inmates. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

This movie is just about as insane as the trailers make it out to be.  A ridiculous prison, boxing movie with some of the worst acting ever and even more ridiculous fighting scenes.  The characters are either terribly wooden or extremely exaggerated personas that they embody, but it all amounts to such a so good its bad movie that you can’t help but love it.  The story of a boxer named Two Sweet (of course) a prizefighter who finds himself in the slammer, having to box for either the corrupt warden or the most non-intimidating prison inmate ever.  Decisions decisions.

But what makes this movie absolutely amazing, better than the previous two movies in the series, is the midget fight between Two Sweet and Midnight, the single most violent midget in the world.  Why the fuck this guy isn’t running the prison is beyond my comprehension, but here you go, the closing moments of the battle.

Yep, show me another prison that has something better than that scene and I will close up shop.

Pen 3b

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