Movie of the Day – INNI

In two days, I will be attending yet another live show from one of my favorite bands ever.  I do mean ever.  Sigur Ros has this unexplainable grasp on me, somehow captivating me and pulling me into their ethereal sound, a constant rush of pure euphoria takes me over.  I have seen them live twice, with Thursday’s at Starlight Theater in KC being my most anticipated concert for them since they perform beautifully outside.  A venue fitting for their transcendent sound.

So today I wanted to bring up their second movie/film/documentary, a followup to their first film Heima.  INNI is much more intimate, often claustrophobic look at their intense performance.  We substitute the lush backdrop of Iceland for the intimate venue performance, often putting us right in the mix of their intensity.  Heima, which I have talked about twice before, was more about what make Sigur Ros the band that they are.  From the influences of their surroundings to the culture they have fostered with their music.  INNI strips it all away, given us the raw power that they generate when performing.  It isn’t so much a movie, but just an entry to a diary, something that has a lot more meaning since it isn’t following a narrative, just the pure performance of the band on the stage.

If you aren’t a fan of Sigur Ros, that’s cool, but if you have never listened to them I would suggest giving them a listen.  They are experimental, progressive, and absolutely enthralling.  I couldn’t imagine a more perfect band out there in the musical landscape.  Check out INNI if you can, I promise it will just take you away with their sound.


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