Movie of the Day – Doctor Butcher M.D.

I am certain that visiting this M.D. is not going to be covered by my insurance.  I think being use in an experiment to prolong my lifespan would be considered more cosmetic surgery than anything else, which is a shame cause Doctor Butcher does have some convincing evidence that would lead me to believe that one could live a hundred years longer than intended.  Plus his bedside manner seems rough at first, but that is just apprehension from patients being used for illegal experiments, you’ll get over it once you go under the knife.

zombie holoaust 1a

A team of scientists and explorers follow a trail of pilfered corpses to the Pacific-island domain of a hand-wringing mad doctor (Donald O’Brien) who performs bizarre, tortuous experiments on living and dead specimens in his jungle laboratory. After a drastic reduction in the size of the team thanks to the Doc and his zombie hordes, the survivors try for a desperate getaway — but not before the cannibals capture, strip and body-paint the team’s requisite buxom blonde (Alexandra Della Colli).  ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi

So this movie is known by several different names, most notable and prominently Zombie Holocaust.  I only knew of this movie as the Doctor Butcher M.D., where the M.D. stood for Medical Deviant, just in case you didn’t know that Butcher isn’t really his name and more of a call to what he does in the name of medical science.  Regardless of the name that you are familiar with, it’s safe to say that this splatter fest is just a gory good time.  I mean this movie came out during the whole gore fest that was 70s and 80s slasher fests.  There isn’t really a coherent story to this movie, just that it contained all the cinematic hallmarks of a b-movie horror fest.  You got zombies, over the top kills, buckets of blood, gore, and naked women.  Done and done.

zombie holoaust 1b

Now the story itself is a mess, which wouldn’t be outside the norm for these types of movies since the aim was to capitalize on a particular genre trend and then just churn out what you could.  This movie in particular borrowed a lot of elements from Zombi 2 and also incorporated scenes from a different movie that was used to fill in parts of the movie.  It’s weird to watch since you are essentially watching two different movies (which you will notice) in one movie and trying to have them just sort of fit together to make some sense.  It doesn’t work since the tone of the movie for me shifts and it’s just too similar to others we have seen to make it engaging on a story level.  Thankfully I just like watching this splatter flick for the pure wanton display of 80s special effects when it comes to the kills.

From eye gouging, arterial sprays, slicing dicing, propeller kills and the usual evil surgical procedures, there is enough to sate the b-movie horror fan in all of us.  Plus there are some boobies, cause why the fuck not and this all adds up to a rather palpable horror movie that is pure shock and horror than substance.  Just my kind of trashy horror flick.

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  1. mistylayne says:

    I think this is in my queue! Unless there is another Zombie Holocaust…

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