Movie of the Day – 3 Dev Adam

Oh yes folks, it’s about to get weird here.  Today I present to you my lovely readers, a Turkish film of wonderful delights, horrific everything, and a plethora of copyrighted characters and materials to ever grace the screen.  Today I am talking a little bit on the Turkish superhero film, 3 Dev Adam (3 Giant Men).  This is the famous Turkish movie in which Captain America and Santo travel to Istanbul to over throw the ruthless mafia that is run by none other than Spider-Man himself.

Yep, Spider-Man is the villain here, with some serious looking eyebrows to boot.  Now I know you are wondering why he is the villain in this movie and my response is why the fuck not.  Come on man, he is a superhero and probably tired of having to save New York everyday, so why not rule the roost in a country that doesn’t have high rises for him to swing on.  Heck he even ditches those web shooters in favor of some guns cause sometimes you just need a gun to deal with the two superheroes that are being sent after you.  So Captain America (fuck yeah) is there in Turkey without his shield but fully capable of whooping some serious ass and then there is this Mexican wrestler named El Santo who I guess Mexico considers to be there premier superhero.  They battle countless, under prepared thugs and frankly it is just a laugh riot to watch this, even without subtitles to clue you in on what is happening.

It’s a pure cheese movie with just pure astonishment on my part that I watched this.  I have heard about it, but never really seen it until a while ago.  I think it’s just a wild movie, done by a director that was just absorbing all sorts of American pop culture and came up with, well, a movie.  This certainly won’t be in anyone’s comic movie cannon, but hey, it’s good for a laugh and utter bewilderment.

3 Dev Adam 1a

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One Response to Movie of the Day – 3 Dev Adam

  1. mistylayne says:

    This sounds like the most epic thing to ever grace the screen!!!!

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