TV Show of the Day – Game of Thrones

I have been extremely busy today as some lord and savior rose from the dead and it also happens to be the start of Season 3 of Game of Thrones.  So I haven’t had much time to write but what the hell, might as well make sure that a post goes out today and I want it to be on Game of Thrones.  Winter is coming…

Everyone should be watching this….everyone!

Movie of the Day – The Advenutres of Milo and Otis

I hope you all are ready for some more animal cuteness cause it’s time for Milo and Otis.  Yes the movie with a pug nosed puppy and his curious cat friend.  I don’t have anything to say about the movie since in all honestly my brain will slowly devolve into mush as I watch the two lead frolic and play with one another as they are on the adventure of a lifetime.

Prepare for an overdose of cuteness!

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Movie of the Day – Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Oh man, oh no, it’s going to happen, this ending to the movie is going to make me tear up.

Just…stay…stong…it’s going…to…be….*sobs*

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Movie of the Day – G.I. Samurai

Sonny Chiba.

Time Travel.

Samurai, lots and lots of samurai.

Modern Military Technology versus Ancient Samurai Technology

Awesome battles.

G.I. Samurai.

Fuck yes.

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Movie of the Day – City of the Living Dead

I guess I am going on a zombie kick, probably due to the fact that Walking Dead is coming to an end and then we get our Game of Thrones.  After re-watching Doctor Butcher M.D. I was in need of some more splatter fest flicks and you know you can always rely on the stylings of Lucio Fulci.  This man certainly knows what to give horror fans in terms of their black heart loving, gore fests that really only serve to come up with some of the most gruesome looking death scenes.  This one certainly has all the hallmarks of being a cult classic for the deaths alone.

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Movie of the Day – Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry

One of the things I love about Netflix, other than the obvious, is that they are able to feed my documentary cravings from time to time.  I talked about some of my favorite films of the past year back in January and I made sure to split the favorites amongst feature films and documentary films.  Ai Weiwei made it on the top ten list of documentary films for last year, a list that included several personal favorites and a few Oscar nominated documentaries.  Ai Weiwei stood out  to me the most for the topical reason of the current events that were taking place with its subject Ai Weiwei.  A political activist that was currently under house arrest by the Communist regime of China.  A dissident that dared speak out on a national level about his country and in doing so, makes him of the biggest, most powerful figures in China due to his international fame.

This documentary looked to highlight the man who dared to speak out against the government, an artist that uses his art to make a commentary on the society he lives in.  A daring and dangerous prospect since China doesn’t seem too keen on people speaking out against them, so utilizing his fame to cast the light on his country is a ballsy movie.  Never Sorry doesn’t shy away from getting at the core of this amazing individual, who’s work is polarizing and provocative.  You get to see a side of the country that isn’t seen by most people, as Weiwei exposes the hidden side of life and showcases it to the world through art and his recordings.

Below is an excerpt from my original review, hopefully you will take a look at this movie on Netflix Instant as well.

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry is, by proxy of Alison Klayman, one of his best works.  A visual recording of what his life is like in an increasingly hostile government controlled country.  His character defines who he is, a man who doesn’t falter and never stops breaking the old ways and rules of the country.  His art, from breaking a priceless Han dynasty vase to painting product brands on the side of century old vases, shows a defiance, but calculated move to get people to pay attention to what he has to say.  Weiwei is often quiet and reserved in the privacy of his house with his numerous cats, but his actions are the loudest voice of dissent.  It’s the quiet, tranquil moments of Ai Weiwei’s life that highlight the stark reality he goes out and faces with the government when he leaves his house.  Tender moments with his loved ones are then dwarfed by police brutality and the threat of prison.

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Movie of the Day – Doctor Butcher M.D.

I am certain that visiting this M.D. is not going to be covered by my insurance.  I think being use in an experiment to prolong my lifespan would be considered more cosmetic surgery than anything else, which is a shame cause Doctor Butcher does have some convincing evidence that would lead me to believe that one could live a hundred years longer than intended.  Plus his bedside manner seems rough at first, but that is just apprehension from patients being used for illegal experiments, you’ll get over it once you go under the knife.

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Movie of the Day – Aliens vs Predator: Requiem

I am a simple man folks, sometimes I don’t care if a movie has some sort of coherent plot, decent acting, compelling characters or even the bare minimum for critics to give it a passing grade without resorting to zero stars or whatever they use to say a movie is crap.  I like popcorn flicks as much as the next person and today, I got just the one for you all, specifically for those that are currently stuck in the midwest snowstorm of whatever dumbass name it is this time.  Let’s get chestbursty with Aliens vs Predator: Requiem.

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Movie of the Day – Mystery, Alaska

Well, spring has come to Kansas City in the form of a winter storm that is more slush and annoying than anything else.  Sigh, Kansas weather is both interesting and frustrating at the same time.  Oh well, the snowfall means that it’s time to warm up and watch some hockey….well a hockey movie anyways since I don’t have cable.  Today is a little seen movie with a stellar cast I think and a good story about a small town hockey team taking on the big leagues with their pride on the line.

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Movie of the Day – Semi-Pro

I am assuming that a majority of the readers out there are rooting for their respective teams during March Madness.  Me personally, I just like watching movies about basketball.  So if Ken Burns could direct and broadcast the March Madness in a documentary form, I would watch the hell out of that.  I realize I am not in the norm with my general “meh” attitude towards madness of sports, so I will suffice with this funny movie this evening.

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