Movie of the Day – Truck Turner

Sweet Lord that trailer is just pure machismo with Isaac Hayes running the show.  I am taking another trip down the exploitation road to bring us this solid blaxploitation film to you the readers.  This time we got the Mac Truck bounty hunter himself, Truck Turner, laying down both the justice and pipe to the ladies, that is when he has the free time.  It’s a pure exploitation film with bounty hunters, pimps, hoes, villains, and a killer soundtrack.  Don’t get in the way of this Truck baby.

Truck Turner 1a

Truck is a bounty hunter who gets a job to track down a guy named Gator. When he and his partner find him, a chase ensues and Gator is killed. This makes Gator’s woman, Dorinda, very angry and she puts a hit on Truck. The man who agrees to kill Truck is named Blue. The question is whether Truck can survive with Blue and his gang on his trail.

Violence, sex, colorful characters that just seem too surreal to even be real, and a fantastic score, Truck Turner was the vehicle that placed Isaac Hayes into the front seat of an action film.  Given the look of Hayes with his bald head, heavy voice and the fact that the man is just damn fucking cool, it’s awesome to see him in role of an action star cause he can deliver.  But I am willing to bet they gave him the role as long as he did the soundtrack, which is right up there with Shaft and Superfly, that’s just me though as I am not a definitive authority.

Truck Turner 1b

While Isaac Hayes is really the prominent star of the movie, but I truly love Nichelle Nichols as Dorinda, the vengeful woman who commands a stable of fine hoes, all of which have awesome nicknames and what not, and basically asks for Truck’s head on a platter.  If any man can bring him down, they get her finest hoes and given their monikers, I would be inclined to follow that lead.  Nichols does sell this movie for me with her portrayal of Dorinda, leveraging anything she can on Mack Turner while he is out there dispatching the assassins she has sent after him.

The movie is brimming with action, all undercut with a certain humorous levity to the whole proceedings.  Everything is exaggerated in terms of the characters on screen, reveling in their wild eccentricities.  The dialogue has a certain, campy charm while Hayes gets to deliver his lines with his signature voice styling.  Damn that man is cool.  Truck Turner is a revenge flick draped in blaxploitation styling of stylish music, inner city struggles and a penchant for violence that is second to none.  The cast of characters are awesome to watch and again, it is really weird to see Nichelle Nichols, Lt. Uhura, being a vengeful madame.

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  1. mistylayne says:

    I just love the picture of him holding the kitten. *giggles*

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