Movie of the Day – The Poseidon Adventure

I hope everyone has a much more eventful New Years than the people on the Poseidon did.  I really just needed to pick an appropriate movie that happens to take place on New Year’s Eve so The Poseidon Adventure it is!

Poseidon Adventure 1a

The Poseidon, an ocean liner larger than the Queens Elizabeth and Mary combined, is charting its course on New Year’s Eve. Just after midnight, Captain Harrison (Leslie Nielsen) spots the mother of all tidal waves. It is the last thing that Harrison and practically everyone else onboard sees before drowning — the Poseidon is turned upside down, with only a handful of survivors. The ten lucky ones — including Mike Rogo (Ernest Borgnine), Linda Rogo (Stella Stevens), Acres (Roddy McDowall), Belle Rosen (Shelley Winters), and Manny Rosen (Jack Albertson) — led by no-nonsense minister Frank Scott (Gene Hackman), desperately attempt to climb from the top of the ship (now submerged) to the bottom (now “the top”). ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Alright, I just have to clear something up about this movie.  This isn’t really an adventure in the context of what the title might have you believe.  This is more like a sea faring Baton Death March that these survivors are having to endure in order to make it from the top the ship to the bottom hull of the ship, which just happens to be the top of the ship now due to the wave that overturned the ship.  Got it?  I guess putting The Poseidon Survival isn’t as catchy and welcoming as Adventure has when in the title, so I can understand the studios concern.

Poseidon Adventure 1b

The Poseidon Adventure definitely made me fear ever taking a cruise cause HOLY SHIT a giant wave just overturns the entire boat.  Labeled as a disaster film upon it’s release, this movie certainly had my attention as it turned from all partying to just trying to not drown in the fucking water that is filling the ship.  The effects, the set design, and just about everything in this movie is a technical wonder considering they turned everything upside down and the practical effects just drew me in.  I mean I saw this when I was like 8 and seeing the wave come and tip the ship and then watching all those people just start falling in the upside setting was just crazy.  I mean if you have never seen this movie, you got to for the entire premise of the film.

While the setting and effects are just the absolute best for the time and the disaster setting is just inspiring, the acting is top notch as well with an excellent ensemble group.  You got Gene Hackman, Ernest Borgnine, Carol Lynley, Roddy McDowall, and Red Buttons.  Everyone has their own personalities that conflict and create tension when someone has to be the de facto leader of the group or contest some decision.  It heightens the tension in a lot of scenes, but also allows for different personalities to come to the surface.  Every death and action is harrowing and heartbreaking which is delivered superbly by the veteran actors.

In closing, see this classic disaster movie.  Also don’t see the remake they did with Kurt Russell and Josh Lucas.  That sucked.

Happy New Year!

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3 Responses to Movie of the Day – The Poseidon Adventure

  1. I love this movie, and I love Shirley Winters in it. My eyes watered after she helped save the day; poor Manny Rosen.

    • Nick says:

      Ah man, don’t remind me of that scene. I got a bit teary eyed during that movie, but it was incredible to see the sacrifices that were made in the movie by the characters. They don’t make them like this anymore. Well, they tried and it failed cause that remake was crap.

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