Time off

Hello fellow readers. I meant to do this earlier today or even yesterday but I can explain it all now.

As some of you know I was battling an illness earlier in the week with limited posts and campy easy picks. Well on Sunday morning I woke up, severe labored breathing and little movement. I was rushed to emergency care and went through a battery of tests and treatments while taking in as much oxygen as possible to breathe normally.

I was moved to ICU care and currently improving my conditions. For the time being I will be out of commission while I recover 100%.

Thank you all for the support and  sorry for the concerns.

Keep watching movies I guess I know I am. 🙂

About Nick
I am just another blogger putting his thoughts into a website. My love is movies so most of my musings will be movie related. I work as an online marketer for an advertising company and when I am not earning a paycheck, I moonlight as a vigilante film blogger.

9 Responses to Time off

  1. Good Luck Getting Well, Sir.
    Just Don’t Wait Until You’re At 100%.
    I Don’t Think Any Of Us Ever Operates At 100% Even On Our Best Days hehehe

    • Nick says:

      I am almost back to normal after weeks in the hospital and with all the meds and lung training. Not fun but I am totally getting back to 100%

      • Awesome.
        Then Go For It, Dude!
        You’ll Make It Just Fine, I’m Sure.
        You’ve Already Proven You’re Tough And Determined.
        Now You Just Have To Go For It.
        Keep It Up, Nick. 🙂

  2. theipc says:

    Dude – don’t worry about us. We’ll still be here when you get better. REST!!

    • Nick says:

      Thanks for the well wishes, even if I am a month late. Having to play catch up after being sick for over 2 weeks, in the hospital for a week and weeks of meds and follow up appointments. Also catching up on work hasn’t been super cool, but I am getting comments answered and everything back up to normal.

    • Nick says:

      Almost there, even a month after my hospitalization. Thanks for the well wishes, sorry for not getting back to this in a timely matter.

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