Movie Review – Israel Inside

Hello readers!  As you can tell, I have another review out the gate, this time for Lost in Reviews.  As usual, I urge you to click on over to their site to get a look at the latest documentary Israel Inside.  A fascination look at the what makes Israel and the people of the country, thrive in such hardships.

Here is an excerpt of my review, which if you want to check out the rest of the review, click the link and head on over.

A lot of the news centered on the country of Israel is usually akin to death, destruction, social struggles, war and much more gloom.  A country marred in warfare might not seem like a place that can thrive, let alone provide an outlook for the people of Israel.  Well we should all know that what we see in the news is what sells papers and get viewers, as the latest documentary presented and hosted by Dr. Tal Ben Shahar, explores the positive aspects of Israel, from the humanistic side of the country and to the thriving innovation that comes from the country.

Click here to read more:  LostinReviews: Inside Israel

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