Movie of the Day – Teen Wolf

Damn, is there anyone cooler than Michael J. Fox?  I mean besides Bill Murray who is on my list of celebrities I most want to meet, The Fox is immediately second on that list.  But this movie, man, it made being a werewolf seem so fucking boss.  Shit he was the coolest kid in high school and apparently amplified your mundane activities to lycan levels of insanity.  So what I am getting at here, if the question of “what is the one person you wish you could be” comes up, I would answer Teen Wolf.

Teen Wolf chronicles the plight of Fox as a small-town nerd who can’t seem to score a basket on the court or a point with his dream girl. Things change, however, once he discovers his family’s hereditary secret, lycanthrope. As he begins to look hairier and hairier, his team begins to win basketball games and his dream girl begins to show interest in his unusual talent. His story does not progress without complications, however. His best friend, an opportunistic weasel, begins to exploit him beyond his limits of toleration, and his dream girl is captive to the requisite bully boyfriend, who, of course, captains the arch-rival basketball team. And then, to top it all off, Fox’s other best friend is in love with him.  ~ Jeremy Beday, Rovi

First off, fuck the critics who hated this movie.  It’s Michael J. Fox, that man should get a lifelong pass for just about any movie he does.  Past transgressions are forgiven and all is well.  Teen Wolf was a dumb fun comedy that looked it plucked the kid from the Munsters and gave him his own show which just so happened to star Micheal J. Fox.  I can support that move.  Teen Wolf did spawn a terrible sequel “Teen Wolf Too” which happened to star Jason Bateman.  But man, I love this movie for the sheer 80s nostalgia and the fact it came out during my birth year.  I will treasure this movie.

So Teen Wolf is about a teen that goes through a different kind of puberty, well not that different.  He just happens to get a lot more hair in places that didn’t have hair before, but Teen Wolf rocks the shit out of that hair with a Bee Gees hairstyle that only a wolf or Barry Gibb could rock.  Aside from the whole wolf thing, it plays out exactly as a teen, high school movie could.  He is the nerd, then turns into a wolf, and then becomes the big dick on campus.  Sure he lets that new found fame get to his head, but a moment of clarity allows him to find his true self and all is well.

It dumb fun, but man I do enjoy this movie.  I do find it really weird that everyone plays off this whole wolf thing like it’s a passing joke.  So many people are commenting and asking if he did something with his hair or if there is something different about him.  Total 80s move right there.  But yeah, no one really freaks out to the point of taking silver to the walking/talking wolf.  I guess the high school was called Monster High or something.  Speaking of which I noticed that there isn’t a movie called Monster High, so I am off to write a script.

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2 Responses to Movie of the Day – Teen Wolf

  1. I think you have the right attitude on this one… Teen Wolf isn’t a great film, but it is a lot of fun, especially with the nostalgia factored in.

    • Nick says:

      You have to really come at 80s movies with this open mind for just subversively idiotic premises. The 80s were a weird time of just off the wall movies and sometimes, you get gems like this that are just plain fun.

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