Movie Review – Least Among Saints

Well, my first official review for has been posted and I am excited to be amongst some great local writers and critics.  Since I am the low man on the totem pole, I have to trudge through movies that most will pass on.  But in my love of movies and pursuit to consume as much as possible, I gladly take on the challenge.  So my first review, of hopefully many more to come, is posted and ready to be read.  Here is a small excerpt from the review and hit the link to head on over for the full review of Least Among Saints.

It takes the accidental death of a dog in order to reach a moment of clarity for a broken down war veteran in Least Among Saints.  It was at that moment that I checked out of the movie, a seemingly cheap plot device in order to spur along the closure that is needed for this movie to feel complete and whole.  The story of the film, which is directed, written, and stars Martin Papazian, is not a new concept.  The idea of a broken individual finding redemption through tragedy and the help he gives to a boy who shares a similar life experience.  The man/child relationship and bonding theme is done in other movies like I Am Sam, Big Daddy or The Boys Are Back, this attempt by Papazian is melodramatic and a bit too brooding for its own good.

Read more here: Least Among Saints Review

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