Movie of the Day – The Thing

I try not to double post articles on my blog.  I mean I have done roughly 700 posts in about the 18 months I have been doing this so I try and give you all some new content every day.  I will say I have done a repost about  times now, one with Predator and then Heima, but that is due to time constraints and busy schedules.  But since I am doing a month long horror movie post, I can’t just sit back and not talk about this movie once again or at least post my original article.  This is the epitome of a horror movie for me and it’s one of the best movies out there.  That’s right, the movie that was bombed by critics and performed poorly at the box office, but it turned out to be John Carpenters best movies and a cult classic.

I realize that there was a “remake” prequel done this past year, which was alright for what it was.  I still think that nothing will touch this movie in terms of effects, atmosphere and acting.  It was the perfect storm of everything that could go right with a movie like this and I was absolutely terrified when I saw this as a kid.  I looked at everyone around suspiciously, even that kid who sat in the back of the class picking his nose and thought, “that is something an alien would do”.  I was afraid to pet a dog for a while, hoping that the dog wouldn’t split open and swallow me up to become one with The Thing.  It was also the movie that got my dad in trouble when shouted out Kurt Russel’s line of “Yeah FUCK YOU TOO”  and my mom thought he was saying that to her.  Yeah, I got some memories about this movie and how repulsed but enraptured I was by the creature effects and the whole tone of the movie.

The Thing is the scariest movie out there.  If you don’t recoil when you see the special effects of the monstrous abominations that come from the adapting organism, you might be jaded.  I just appreciate the complicated animitronics and the creativity in coming up with such horrifying creatures.  We don’t get movies like this much anymore.  Too much CGI and not enough practical effects.  So for today, I will link to my old post about this movie and I hope that you all enjoy your Friday.  Take Care!

So while the movie moves along with a tight pace and suspense that rivals any movie our there, the thing that makes this memorable for me is the creature effects.  We don’t know what the creature, alien, virus, whatever it is looks like.  Only we see manifestations of its presence through this grotesque  mutations of its victims.  Effects crew led by Rob Bottin and some help from effects guru Stan Winston are to thank and blame for the horrifying nightmares they created in my childhood.

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17 Responses to Movie of the Day – The Thing

  1. mistylayne says:

    Still have to see this – luckily I believe it’s still streaming on Netflix!

    • Nick says:

      Let me know what you think of this. I have yet to meet a horror fan that doesn’t outright love this movie. It is well worth the time.

  2. Victor De Leon says:

    It is still streaming, Misty. I have the blu ray but having it in my queue is so much quicker lol. I love this film to no end. My favorite JC movie and in my Top 5 Best flicks of all time. You are so right in stating it is the epitome of a horror movie. Good job, man.

    • Nick says:

      Thank you Victor. This movie is hands down one of the best horror movies around. I own it on blu-ray and watch the hell out of it. John Carpenter just managed to put together such an incredible movie with the right setting, mood and the creature effects were the stuff of nightmares. Perfect.

      • Victor De Leon says:

        I agree with you 100% man. I love the commentary too. That is the way and actor and director really talk. I hate pretentious commentaries by some actors/directors. Whenever I watch the blu ray I am always amazed by how Rob Bottin managed all those practical FX without CGI. Just stunning. I read somewhere that JC and Rob would argue over how much light to shed on the creatures. Dean too. Funny stuff.

      • Nick says:

        Oh the commentary track is one of the better tracks around. You get all the little insight and technical analysis from the people who just put their all into this movie that sadly was panned when it came out. To hear them talk about this movie in such a nostalgic way just warms the heart as a film fan.

      • Victor De Leon says:


      • Nick says:

        damn, I am going to watch The Thing now.

      • Victor De Leon says:

        Ha! lol 😀 Enjoy! “You really wanna save those crazy Swedes, huh Doc?”

      • Nick says:

        I am about 30 mins in and I still get chills. So damn good.

      • Victor De Leon says:

        I love the opening. That camera work is astounding. And that damn dog should have won an Academy Award lol. I love when Bennings taps that J+B bottle after he gets shot.

  3. Love The Review, Dude.
    Loved The Flick Already.
    You Do It Some Major Justice, Fo SHO!
    I’m Thinking Reblog.
    Are You?
    I Am!!!

  4. Reblogged this on "You Jivin' Me, Turkey?" and commented:
    An Excellent Review For An Excellent Horror Flick. Can’t Ask For Much More, Can Ya?! CAN YA?!!! Me Thinks Not 🙂

  5. You know; I’m not really into horror flicks however, what I am into is enjoying your enjoyment of something you love… You know what I mean? When someone is passionate about something the energy is infectious…. 🙂

    • Nick says:

      Thank you very much for the compliment. It’s one of the reasons that I enjoy writing about movies that I love. I try not to do review reviews of movies since you get lost in the miasma of analyzing the movie. I just want to revel in the glory and reasons why I love particular movies.

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