Movie of the Day – The Avengers

Boy, my hat is off to Joss Whedon, the maestro behind this summers biggest blockbuster.  Yes, it is bigger than The Dark Knight Rises and pretty much everything else that came out at that time.  It was a giant collaboration and gamble on the part of Marvel Studios to inundate the movie going audience a myriad of of super hero movies that could have started to fatigue the public.  Spanned over 5 different movies from the Marvel Universe, the pieces were coming together and and stories were set in motion in each of the proceeding movies to build up to the team-up of the summer.  Marvel’s The Avengers was the epitome of the summer popcorn flick and it delivered everything I could have wanted in a super hero movie.

With the recent release of the movie on Blu-Ray, I just had to come back to my original review that I did on the release date.  Considering it made a billion dollars, I assume that everyone got a chance to see it.  So if you haven’t, hopefully my review attached and linked to today’s post will get you motivated.  Also any comic book reading women that read my site are more than welcome to hit me up if they especially like my review, you know, to discuss comics and stuff.  Anyways, The Avengers is basically what I imagined in my head when I read comics when I was a little tike…and as an adult.  I was absolutely glued to the screen, just sitting there in a trance of amazement.  Captain America, The Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and the rest of the group on screen is just what every comic book fan has dreamed of in their youth.  Perfection is all I can say about the movie.

But it wasn’t just the ensemble heroes on screen, this had the Midas touch from Geek God Joss Whedon.  Considering he has written comics book within the Marvel Universe, the movie was being take care of by a professional.  Sure there were some parts that could have been excised from the film, but the final products is what we wanted out of this sort of movie.  We wanted quirky jokes, loud noises, exciting action sequences and finally seeing a team of heroes come together on screen, each a different personality that all exists within this one world.

Below is an excerpt from my review, which also links to the full review I did back in May.  If you haven’t seen it, just go rent it immediately or buy it even. Any good, loyal comic book fan would do this without question.


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8 Responses to Movie of the Day – The Avengers

  1. mistylayne says:

    I like comics (though not necessarily superhero comics – more Buffy, Runaways, Preacher, Y, etc.) and I adore Joss Whedon, yet I hated this movie. I’m beginning to think I am the only person on the planet who didn’t like it, lol.

    • Nick says:

      I…I…um….but…wha?! O_O……

      • mistylayne says:

        I know, I know. Nobody understands but I thought it was long and bloated and not much happened till the last 20 minutes or so. It seemed much more about the aesthetics rather than story or action or anything like that and while I’m only vaguely familiar with the stories of the heroes involved, I know there are actual stories involved and it’s not just about “Look what I can do!” which is what The Avengers seemed to do. Plus I actually nodded off about 30 minutes in…

      • Nick says:

        OK, your sound logic and reasoned counterpoints to the movie are well thought-out and on point. I am a comic book fan, ever since I received my first pair of spider-man pj’s. For me the movie was culmination of all the things that I imagined in my head. The action was great, Whedon’s witty writing shines, and Scarlett Johannson is in a catsuit.

        SHE IS IN A CATSUIT! I can’t logically think of anything else after that.

      • mistylayne says:

        “For me the movie was culmination of all the things that I imagined in my head.” ~ I totally see that, I have several friends who are comic fans who said the same thing. 🙂 And will totally give you Scarlett Johannson in a catsuit, lol.

      • Nick says:

        “And will totally give you Scarlett Johannson in a catsuit, lol.” ~ I am waiting patiently for this to come true. Make it happen.

      • Nick says:

        That wink constitutes a gentlemen/gentlewoman’s agreement. Everyone has seen this, it’s binding.

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