Movie of the Day – The Room

After I posted about Birdemic yesterday, I went back into the movie collection and memory to come up with a movie that could top Birdemic.  I mean if you read yesterday’s post, then you know how utterly amazing Birdemic is and that can’t be beat in any way shape or form.  So in order to match that quality, I had to pick a movie that was on the level of Birdemic.  If you have never seen The Room, you are in for a terribly bad good movie.  I mean this is so bad that the marketing for the movie changed from a thriller/drama to a dark comedy after the initial premier and showings.  The reason for this, the audience was cracking up at the film and decided they can salvage the movie by promoting it as a dark comedy.  GOLD!

Johnny is a successful banker with great respect for and dedication to the people in his life, especially his future wife Lisa. Johnny can also be a little too trusting at times which haunts him later on. Lisa is a beautiful blonde fiancé of Johnny. She has always gotten her way and will manipulate to get what she wants. She is a taker, with a double personality, and her deadly schemes lead to her own downfall. Mark is a young, successful and independent best friend of Johnny. He has a good heart, but gets caught up in Lisa’s dangerous web and gives into temptation. This eventually brings him to great loss. Claudette is the classy, sophisticated mother of Lisa who has had disappointing relationships in her life. She wants her daughter to be married as soon as possible so she can benefit. Denny is an orphan boy, naive and confused about life, love, and friendship. Denny is very ambitious and also very grateful to the people that are in his life… Written by Chloe Lietzke

The only true way to experience this movie is with a lot of beer and lot of friends.  I have seen the movie twice in theaters at local independent theaters that make it into an evening like they do with Rocky Horror.  I can’t even begin to explain the sheer madness that this film passes off for both plot and acting.  Everything is just so stilted and wooden, over dramatic and just plain unintentionally hilarious.  It’s basically Birdemic except no birds and director/star Tommy Wiseau just descends into b-movie madness.

I honestly feel like I can’t go into any more explanations as to why this movie is just so insanely amazing and morose to watch.  All directors has amazing intentions to make a movie, but sometimes you just have to step back and look at what you made.  Instead of a thriller/drama, they took their lemons and squirted it into the eyes of the audiences by turning it into a dark comedy.  I have to say that, they made the best of what they had and I thank them for it.

For now, just check out the scenes below and try your hardest to find this movie.


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4 Responses to Movie of the Day – The Room

  1. This Could Possibly Be The Worst Thing Ever, Which Makes It Amazingly Awesome! hahahahaha
    As A Fan Of Crap-Films, I May Have To See This Just Because Because, Ya Know!?! hahaha

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