Movie of the Day – Deep Blue Sea

Now that shark week is over and I have to wait until next year to get my fix of shark filled television specials, I will have to tide over my excitement with shark themed movies.  Thankfully, there are tons of good and bad shark movies for every discerning taste out there.  Good ones being, well, Jaws.  Which is really the only classic.  Then you got bad ones like Jersey Shore Shark Attack or that Shark Night 3D movie or any Sy-Fy original abomination.  But this movie, this movie is downright amazing.  Deep Blue Sea took nature’s oldest predator and made it smarter through genetics or whatever and unleashed them on a prison like laboratory with motherfucking Sam Jackson and a bunch of shark food cast members.  Oh yeah and LL Cool J is there for some reason.

Although mako sharks are among the fastest and deadliest predators in the ocean, they’re not as smart as humans — at least, they weren’t. However, Dr. Susan McAlester (Saffron Burrows) has been using mako sharks as her test subjects for research on the regeneration of human brain tissues. McAlester has altered the DNA of several sharks, raising them close to the level of human intelligence; the sharks have also become faster and stronger in the process. While these DNA experiments have yielded fascinating results, they’re also of questionable ethics and legality, earning her the distrust of several members of her crew, including shark authority Carter Blake (Thomas Jane and cook “Preacher” Dudley (LL Cool J). The financial backers of these experiments have also expressed skepticism, so when McAlester is ready to perform some major tests, financier Russell Franklin (Samuel L. Jackson) arrives for the occasion. McAlester and her team are delicately extracting brain tissue from one of the altered makos when the animal regains consciousness – and becomes very angry. The shark not only attacks the researchers but also damages the floating lab, leaving the crew aboard a literally sinking ship, with the makos eager to go a few rounds – in an arena that favors sharks. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Lets just get to the point of this article and that is Deep Blue Sea has two awesome things going for it.  Now aside from the fact that we get to see killer shark attack scenes, the movie produced two things that pretty much blow every other shark movie out of the water.  The first, and it’s a spoiler if you have never seen this movie is….






Samuel L Jackson get eaten by a fucking shark.  Yes, the most well known cast member of this movie is straight-up eaten by a shark right in the middle of a movie speech about making it out alive and getting to the top of the aquatic lab.  It was utterly amazing to see them just outright kill off the biggest star in the movie.  I remember seeing it in a rundown theater and the crowd was just aghast that Sam Jackson, the baddest motherfucker on the planet, was eaten by a shark.  Simply amazing.

Lastly, aside from the shark deaths and shark kills, which are amazing once again, having LL Cool J in the movie means that he gets to do a song for the soundtrack and it’s…..beautiful.

Ummm does Shark Week have it’s own rap theme song?  I thought so.  My lord, it does take a lyrical genius to come up with Deepest Bluest My Hat is like a Shark’s Fin.  Also there are lyrical nuggets like…

Looking for human flesh to rip my teeth through
Other fish in the sea but Barracudas ain’t equal
To a half human predator created by a needle
Jet black eyes baby they stare while you sleep
When your Titanic sinks I’m the one you gon’ meet
Hearing terrified screams they surround my team

Yep, thank you Renny Harlin for making this movie.

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  1. mistylayne says:

    I *vaguely* remember this. I should definitely watch again!

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