Movie of the Day – Murder She Purred


I must track down this entire movie, like immediately.  I have only seen the 7 minute youtube clip, but that is enough to get me to devote an entire post about this mystery movie where a cat and a fucking kick ass looking corgi help solve a mystery or some shit.  I mean first, I love cats, especially when they have funny captions over them.  Second I fucking love corgi’s!  And apparently they help a 1997 Ricki Lake solve mysteries like a modern day Scooby Doo gang, this is the greatest thing in the world.  You got two awesome animals, with voice over work paling around with Ricki Lake as she takes a break from bringing on guests like girls who were like zero’s in school and now are ten’s.  Whatever, all I know is that I am not going to rest until I find this Cat and Corgi Mystery movie.

Also, People Magazine, I love your pull quote.  It is “the cat’s meow”.  Someone went to journalism school or got a degree in creative writing to come up with that quote.  The only thing that could make this even more of a must see is if they got Angela Lansbury to star in this thing.

BEHOLD! and have a happy Friday.




Movie Review – The Campaign

Gosh, just another movie from Liberal Hollywood trying to paint politics in a negative…Christ I couldn’t even complete my fake rant cause it just to insane to believe that politics have really come down to “this side does that” and “our side is this”.  It’s like taking that old standby joke of “white people do this” and “black people do that” to the extreme and politics has become a joke nowadays.  Well, much like The Daily Show, The Campaign is political satire film that hits a little too close to home when it comes to displaying the competitive world of politics.  Instead of pandering to one side of the political aisle, The Campaign wonderfully jerks off both sides of the debate with a scatter shot comedy starring Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis.

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Movie Review – The Bourne Legacy

Movie Tagline: “There was never just one”.

I just want everyone to realize that the tagline for this movie essentially spells out how the filmmaker and writers are now approaching the Bourne series.  The first film of the series came out a decade ago with Matt Damon playing the titular character who is a malfunctioning super agent that chops throats like a machine designed to chop throats.  After a lot of shaky cam work and some stunning action sequences, the series is now rebooted or “continued” with a new agent that isn’t Bourne but has to use the name in the title to get people to care.  Well with Jeremy Renner taking over as the lead, a new story line is “bourne” but like other people commenting on the movie, it’s essentially “still bourne”.

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Movie of the Day – Masters of the Universe

Holy shit balls!  I got to continue with my so bad it’s good movie streak here and Masters of the Universe is just plain bad, but surprisingly a train wreck of a movie to be enjoyable in the Mystery Science Theater sense.  The trailer was just bringing up memories of terrible acting, wooden characters, shitty 80s special effects and a poor Flash Gordon-esque movie that is based on the He-Man toy property.  Its got everything I want in a bad movie that I just downright love it.

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Movie of the Day – Real Steel

I kind of welcome the future of sports if Real Steel manages to become a reality.  I mean we had that awesome show on Comedy Central called “Battle Bots” which was just the nerdy mash-up I could get behind.  Man, now I really wish they brought that show back cause it was just bad ass.  Anyways, I was not the most receptive to Real Steel when it came out, although I did give it an average review score.  I mean the movie is no Robot Jox or even Arena, but after additional viewings, it’s a cheesy sports movie that is well shot and has good boxing fights that add to enjoyment of the film.  Also there are a lot of unbelievable things that kind of push to the bad, but good territory of movies that I love.  Mainly this post is an excuse to watch Battle Bot highlights cause that was the shit.  Did you know that Bill Nye lent his scientific expertise as part time commentator to the battles?  Fucking awesome.

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Movie of the Day – The Future We Will Create: Inside the World of TED

The Future We Will Create: Inside the World of TED | Watch the Documentary Film Free Online | SnagFilms.

Above is a link to today’s movie of the day.  Just a few hours ago I attended our Kansas City TEDxTalks, an independent conference associated with TED.  It was a marvelous evening to get to see the minds of some of the brightest individuals around the world, coming together to give a way to a better society, a better world.  If you aren’t familiar with the conference talks, check out their Youtube channel and also see if your society hosts any independent TED talks.

I hope that you will check out the documentary about how TED operates with an inside look at the organization.  Enjoy!




Movie of the Day – The Wicker Man (2006)

I am keeping this so bad it’s good movie train running because I fucking love watching bad movies.  Sure I have covered Birdemic and The Room the past two days, but it’s time for me to briefly cover a movie that is just a train wreck from start to finish.  The Wicker Man, not the one from 1974, but the 2006 bat shit insane Nic Cage punch fest that turned out to be more unintentional comedy than a horror movie.  When the crowning achievement of this movie is seeing Nic Cage in a bear suit randomly punching women on a secluded island, you know you have gold on your hands.

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Movie of the Day – The Room

After I posted about Birdemic yesterday, I went back into the movie collection and memory to come up with a movie that could top Birdemic.  I mean if you read yesterday’s post, then you know how utterly amazing Birdemic is and that can’t be beat in any way shape or form.  So in order to match that quality, I had to pick a movie that was on the level of Birdemic.  If you have never seen The Room, you are in for a terribly bad good movie.  I mean this is so bad that the marketing for the movie changed from a thriller/drama to a dark comedy after the initial premier and showings.  The reason for this, the audience was cracking up at the film and decided they can salvage the movie by promoting it as a dark comedy.  GOLD!

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Movie of the Day – Birdemic: Shock and Terror


*catches breathe*


This is fucking amazing.

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Movie of the Day – Mortal Kombat


I remember when this movie came out and I had to go see it with my gamer friends.  I mean I was like 10 at the time and my parents drove us to go see a movie in which the premise is about Earth’s best fighters fighting ninja’s or whatever in a fight to the death.  I was excited that yet another fighting video game getting the big screen treatment, but after Street Fighter showed no one fighting in the street or whatever, this movie looked like it had all the dark marking of the video game I played for hours on end, but with none the fatalities.

Once that opening yell of MORTAL KOMBAT came over the speakers, I just buckled up and prepared to watch a video game come to life.

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