Movie of the Day – Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny

I am not a big fan of musicals.  I don’t have anything clever really to say in terms of explaining why I am not a fan of them other than it is not my favorite genre of film.  Hell I even had critic passes to see Rock of Ages and I bailed on that cause of the use of “We Built This City” and using the worst rock song of all time doesn’t really get me excited to see people lip sing to a grown up version of Glee.  It’s not that I am adverse to seeing people spontaneously break out into song and dance, I just don’t get excited for catchy tunes and dance theatrics.  What I will see though is a rock opera from the greatest band in the world…Tenacious D.

JB (Jack Black) is a naïve Midwesterner whose strict Christian parents view his burning passion for heavy metal as a mortal sin. After his dad tears down every poster in his bedroom except for a Ronnie James Dio poster on the back of the door, the former Black Sabbath frontman instructs the aspiring young rocker to seek out his fortune no matter what the cost. Subsequently setting his sights on Hollywood and hellbent to take the world of rock music by storm, JB sneaks out his bedroom window and makes his way to Venice Beach, where he soon meets guitar-strumming slacker KG (Kyle Gass). With a future of rock & roll superstardom now well within their reach, JB and KG harness the power of Satan to form hellfire hard rock duo Tenacious D and set out on a quest to achieve musical immortality by stealing the mythical guitar pick said to instill its owner with unprecedented musical prowess. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

I might be in the minority of folks who really liked this movie considering a lot of people expected more comedy than music in a Jack Black film.  Personally I am a big fan of their short lived HBO show which is lifted in a few places for the movie.  But Tenacious D manage to actually make a very funny adventure comedy film that ends of having a killer soundtrack that enhances the enjoyment of the musical.  It is a very Jack Black film, one that allows him to be vulgar and unhinged instead of having  to be restricted by polished comedy films and ratings.  The Pick of Destiny plays to their strengths as a group and does delivery strong laughs for those that love the band.

This movie is really for the fans of the band and their humor.  I couldn’t imagine a lot of people really getting excited to see a comedy rock band play themselves in a movie and enjoy the proceedings.  It’s not that the jokes are esoteric, it’s just that their brand of humor appeals to certain people, stoners and low brow enthusiasts.  It isn’t a raunchy comedy with a lot of established comedic actors, but Jack Black does his best in this movie along with Kyle Gass as they bounce jokes and gags off one another.  If you are a fan of theirs, then you will enjoy comedy in the movie.

As a rock adventure, POD (short handing here) is a fun time.  Smartly written songs along with low brow humor that I enjoy, POD does what it sets out to do and does it well.  Sure I will admit that the pacing and settings are just aloof and out of place from time to time as the film cuts too many times to different locations and the pace starts out slow, then fast and then back again and again.  It doesn’t make it confusing, it just doesn’t help it out.  Overall though I love The D and I love this musical comedy.  A good rock and roll endeavor that is fun to watch and catchy tunes that were well done by the duo.

*images via RottenTomatoes

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One Response to Movie of the Day – Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny

  1. TheBruce says:

    What do you think of their new album? I heard them perform “Deth Starr” on The Daily Show and had to get it.

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