Movie of the Day – Purple Rain

First off, ignore the fact that there is no trailer for today’s post.  Nothing can be found on Youtube other than some recut trailer that makes this sexually charged film look like some sort of David Lynchian psychological thriller.  So instead, you get the bombastic, epic sound of the Purple Rain song by none other than Prince and The Revolution.  I don’t know what brought me to picking this movie today, but it might have something to do with me listening to the soundtrack, which is fucking amazing by the way, for a large portion of my work day.  So why not do a movie post on the iconic, for some, film titled Purple Rain.

“The Kid” (Prince) is an aspiring and talented, but troubled Minneapolis musician with a difficult home life. He meets a singer named Apollonia (Apollonia Kotero), and they become involved in an inappropriate romance. The plot centers on Prince trying not to repeat the pattern of his abusive father, played by Clarence Williams III, and keep his band, The Revolution, and his relationship with Apollonia, together. His main antagonist is fellow musician Morris Day and his group The Time.  (source)

OK, so this isn’t a great film in the sense of impeccable acting, fine directing or even a relatively compelling plot for a movie.  This is a glorified music video for the “Purple Rain” album and this helped propel that album to winning a fucking Oscar and selling over 20 Million copies worldwide.  With songs like “When Doves Cry” and “Purple Rain”, there is no denying that Prince is incredible as a musician and this movie showcases his abilities.  Sadly, the movie doesn’t really showcase any acting chops but it’s Prince damn you, who cares!

What Prince lacks in acting abilities, he makes up in the commanding performances of his musical scenes.  Gyrating, wailing and outright being the utter man he is, Prince dominates the screen and demands all attention be paid to him, which again this is a music video movie.  So the lack of actual film elements are supplemented with amazing musical performances. Aside from the music set pieces, the film itself tries hard to show the struggles of an up and coming musician and also the demons he has to hold at bay for the sake of the band and his sanity.  Both feel a bit contrived and not conveyed well with the lack of acting skills, so at times it seems a bit laughable.  Also the main competition in the film is Morris Day, the lead singer of The Time.  I kind of chuckle at that.

Regardless, Purple Rain is one of those awesome guilty pleasures that you love strictly for the music and love of Prince and maybe Apollonia.  The movie is just a long series of innuendos and Prince being able to brood and look all sexy at the camera.  It certainly cemented his status in the music world as well as opening up his fame and notoriety to a much larger audience.  But one thing is for certain and the biggest draw for me, Purple Rain ended up giving us one of his best albums ever.

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6 Responses to Movie of the Day – Purple Rain

  1. Frank Bishop says:

    I’ll be honest, I’ve never been able to make it through the entire movie. It’s too much.

  2. Confession time: I’ve never seen this though I have listened to the album

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