Movie of the Day – 3 Ninjas

I don’t know what is happening here, but I just can’t seem to get away from the martial arts fair of the early 90s.  With TMNT II and Surf Ninjas being covered recently, I just want to revert back to my childhood.  Who could forget the antics of young, white suburban kids learning the ancient art of nut kicking from Egg Shen of Big Trouble in Little China.  I am certain that this movie did more for the strip mall dojo’s in getting kids excited about becoming little crotch kicking ninjas.  I bought into this movie, the notion that us little kids could take on a ninja syndicate and save the girl with out nut kicking prowess and tiny fists of fury.  It’s a movie that would spawn countless knock-offs and sequels that sadly pale in comparison to the one true heir of young Bruce Lee wannabes.

This youth-oriented martial arts comedy concerns three children (Colt, Rocky, and Tum Tum) who are instructed in the art of ninjitsu by their grandfather, Ninja Master Mori (Victor Wong). Another of Mori’s former pupils grew up to be notorious underworld figure Hugo Snyder (Rand Kingsley), who — attempting to get the boys’ FBI agent dad off his back — orders the young ninjas kidnapped. In usual Disney fashion, the chopsocky children turn the tables on their inept kidnappers, but get in bigger trouble when a group of ninjas keeps them prisoner in the hold of a ship. ~ Robert Firsching, Rovi

I personally wanted to be Tum Tum, mainly cause he reminds me of a young Samo Hung and Jackie Chan with his rotund fighting style.  Seemingly using candy and food to fuel his skills, almost akin to the drunk style of combat.  Also the kid actor, Chad Power, played Tum Tum and the real name of that character was Michael Douglas.  I thought that was a bit weird.  Anyways, the point is that everyone has their own particular favorite member of the fighting trio, as each character appealed to whatever type of kid out there.  Colt being more of the headstrong, brash kid and Rocky being the leader, sort of the Leonardo of the group.  There is something for everyone.

3 Ninjas was a plain old fun film.  It sent waves of kids round housing their way out of the theater and that’s all you could ask for.  Sure, the premise of 70-80 pound kids beating full grown, master ninjas in this movie is laughable, but I was like 7 when this movie came out so what did I know.  It was favorite of mine for the mix of action and comedy, more so the comedy as it was slapsticky and it appealed to my young sensibilities.  If I can see little kids kicking adults in the nards, that is a good movie.

The movie really is a cult favorite of mine.  I remember watching the trio battling a boat full of ninjas and thinking to myself, “Ninjas aren’t that useful if they can beat by kids” but then remembered that the kids were trained by Egg Shen (Victor Wong) thus improving their skills.  It was entertaining watching the kids come up with unique ways to defeat their larger opponents, from pepper bombs and low center of gravity.  It’s a perfect kids film, never really taking a serious tone, but showing that kids could best their superiors and come out on top.  If anything, it got kids to go outside and flail around and hurt themselves.  I still enjoy this movie for that childhood connection and the kids were engaging and the action was pretty to look, even if it would make marital arts enthusiast enraged.

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