Movie of the Day – Immortals

When I reviewed this movie several months back, I didn’t think that I was going to like it at first.  To me, Immortals was just another entry into the sword and sandals epics that seems to have taken a style over substance stance to the ADD generation of movie goers.  Lo and behold, I was correct, but that doesn’t mean that the film is without some merits.  Shit I bought this film on Blu-ray for the sheer purpose of letting me eyeballs melt to the gorgeous visuals of Tarsem Singhs genius and a stunning, fast paced action flick.  On a base level, this film satiated all my needs like the King Hyperion of old.

This is the most basic examples of style over substance, which in my opinion, if you are going to go all out with style, go all out.  Singh to me, is one of the most visually arresting filmmakers around.  If you have never seen The Fall, go out and rent that film immediately.  With Immortals, everything is coated in this golden, bronze like sheen and gorgeously rendered backdrops bring you into the world of Immortals.  While the story suffers from a lack of development or giving a shit, the film makes up for the shortfall with some stunningly well done action set pieces and technically impressive visuals.  Tarsem amazes time and time again with what he can do with the visual esthetic, but some of the story elements need enhancing.

Below is an excerpt from my previous review on the movie.  So click on through for a more in-depth review of the film.

While the story doesn’t live up to the mythological standards that they were aiming, the violence and visuals are a thing of Greek beauty.  If you have never seen Singh’s previous movies The Cell and The Fall, I would recommend them for the visual spectacle they are.  Not much to go on for story (I am sensing a pattern here with his movies) but there is an utterly captivating beauty in the visually technical aspects of Singh’s movie.  Watching Immortal’s action sequences and overall visual style is like watching a real life relief sculpture come to life with a coat of bronzer thrown on it for color.  Everything about this movie is pure visual stimulant as gorgeous vistas of a cliff side village, the opulent setting of the Gods and the flowery blood splatter are a thing of beauty.  I will say this, I have never seen a more poetic display of blood and gore when watching a Titan get split in half lengthwise.    read more here

*images via RottenTomatoes

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