Trailer Time! – Lockout & Iron Sky

I am really excited to be talking about these trailers since one is utterly ridiculous and so far out there that it was love at first sight.  The other trailer tickles my science fiction fancy and finally sees Guy Pierce in a BA role since The Proposition.  Actually both of the trailers are of the Sci-Fi realm that I know I will see them on day one when they hit the theaters.  So let’s get this started shall we.


OK so there are several things about this movie that already has me writing a check to the movie theaters for this film.  One, Luc Besson is producing the film and anything Luc Besson does is gold in my book.  Now occasionally there is the turd or two like From Paris With Love, but they made the mistake of casting John Travolta in a action hero role.  Shit happens you know.  Second, this our generations Snake Plissken, which watching the trailer for Lockout, it seems exactly like an Escape from New York remake, just substitute New York for a giant orbital space prison and that should be about it.  Third, Guy Pierce gets to shine as an action star and he has the cocksure attitude to pull it off.  If The Proposition taught me anything, he can be ruthless and badass.  Fouth, it’s a science fiction film.  SOLD!

Iron Sky:

There is really only one reaction that I have for a movie like this: MOTHERFUCKING SPACE NAZIS WAGING WAR ON EARTH FROM A MOTHERFUCKING MOON BASE.  Why the hell am I not watching this movie right now?  Actually why am I not on a plane to Germany right this instant to watch the premier of this movie, this science fiction space nazi movie right now?  Here Hollywood, just take all my money.

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I am just another blogger putting his thoughts into a website. My love is movies so most of my musings will be movie related. I work as an online marketer for an advertising company and when I am not earning a paycheck, I moonlight as a vigilante film blogger.

4 Responses to Trailer Time! – Lockout & Iron Sky

  1. Victor De Leon says:

    I can’t wait for Lockout! Great post.

    • Nick says:

      Thank you sir. I am loving everything about this movie and can’t wait to be there on release day for a science fiction film like this. pure fun

  2. Frank Bishop says:

    Lockout, remember to bring your coupons for that guy’s wife. I heard this compared to Escape from New York – in space!

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