Trailer Time! – Shame & Moonrise Kingdom

Wahoo!!!  Time for another batch of trailers to get you psyched for movies and going to the movies and popcorn and all that jazz.  I got two new trailers, one for a recent release that is making the rounds on the art house scene because of it’s rating and new trailer for a brand new Wes Anderson release.  Are you excited?!  You will be once you see what’s in store today!


In order to get this article and page rank up for SEO purposes, the follow description will be more pandering the page ranks, but also an honest description of what this movie has in store, based on reviews I have read.  Ahem….this is a movie that showcases the finest talents of Michael Fassbender and also Michal Fassbender’s penis.  Yes, the reason for the NC-17 rating is that Fassbender goes buff and showcases his penis in a film that has him playing a conflicted sex addict.  A part of me, as a heterosexual male, has difficultly in sympathizing with a character a man like Fassbender and his chiseled looks and, from what not-so-shy reviewers have indicated about the film, his impressive piece.  If I was a woman, this would be the epitome of what those Danielle Steel novels have been wanting to show with those trashy romance novels for decades.  As a dude, I am interested in this film since it is directed by Steve McQueen.  No, not the Steve McQueen that set the standard for masculine men in the 70s, but the Steve McQueen directer who’s previous film, Hunger, was utterly mesmerizing.  Also apparently the female lead, played by cute as a button and frail like a leaf Carey Mulligan, also gets nude as well, so there is that for the guys I guess.  Also I realize that after typing all of this and publishing this article, my page views are going to be high and that’s cool with me.  Michael Fassbender naked.  Carey Mulligan naked.  Shameless, I know.

Moonrise Kingdom:

Let me tell you who is all in this movie real quick: Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray, Frances McDormand, Jason Schwartzman, and Harvey Keitel.  If this cast doesn’t get you excited to see the movie or the obvious eclectic hipsterish soundtrack that accompanies every Wes Anderson movie doesn’t move you enough to go, maybe his new choice of font style will.  All joking aside, I love Wes Anderson films and this looks like another strong film in a long list of fantastically whimsical offerings from Anderson.

*Shame poster via (IMPA)

*Moonrise Kingdom poster via (FlicksandBits)

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