Movie of the Day – Shooter

Alright, after the night of ushering in the new year, having a gin and tonics, and catching brunch with friends, I don’t want to exert myself with a movie today.  I was going to write about Babel or A Scanner Darkly, then I came to my senses and realized I just want to watch some action flicks.  I especially want to watch a sniper centric action flick.  So in comes today’s post, with a bit of Swagger (they specifically made that the last name of the main character) and watch Mark Walhberg do something that doesn’t require that Boston accent of his.  Yep, today’s post is over the trigger happy movie Shooter.

There was a time when Bob Lee Swagger (Mark Wahlberg) was the best trigger-man in the military, but after growing disillusioned with the system, he disappeared without a trace. When high-profile government officials locate him at his remote mountain retreat following an extensive search, Swagger is coerced back into service in order to stop a determined assassin from taking out the President of the United States. In the process of carrying out his mission, however, Swagger suddenly realizes that he has been betrayed when he becomes the subject of a nationwide manhunt. Now wounded and desperate to reveal the culprits behind the conspiracy before it’s too late, Swagger sets into motion a revenge plan that will send shock waves rippling to some of the most powerful and corrupt leaders in the free world. – Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Seriously, I can’t get over the name “Swagger”.  I really feel like they picked that name for obvious jokes that could have been had, but they didn’t even give me a little “damn that Swagger is good”.  NOTHING!  All that build up of head shots, testosterone, and “hoorah” action lead to not even one little Swagger joke.  That is some fucking restraint.

Anyways, aside from the Swagger name, this is a solid action film.  I got to hand to Antoine Fuqua, he made a very entertaining, often ridiculous, action film.  That elusive head shot that is often the crown jewel of action films is doled out like fucking tic-tacs as almost every bullet somehow ends up in the head of a bad guy.  I don’t even think that I can keep track of all the head shots that happen in this movie since I am sure that some of the massive explosions resulted in head shot kills.  I get that Swagger is the best sniper in the world, but not even that amount of Swagger can result in a 100% head shot ratio.  With that little nitpick aside, there are some sweet kills in this movie.  Holy hell, is this just downright enjoyable with it’s shootouts and technical sniper prowess.

The brunt of the film all lies on the story telling of a conspiracy taking place in front of our eyes.  It’s interesting, seeing that Swagger is involved heavily in conspiracy theories upon stumbling onto him in his remote cabin, a man desolate and detesting the federal government.  So what a convenient plot device that he would find himself in a conspiracy.  Mark Wahlberg is enjoyable in this movie, along with the kicked along sidekick played by Michael Peña.  I also found his character weirdly placed in the movie, essentially the only FBI agent with brains and cognitive thinking that is apparently an expert on marksmanship and what Swagger has gotten himself into.  I will admit, you are going to need to just suspend some disbelief with this movie.

Overall, this does the trick when you want to just watch dudes get head shot from a far.  There is enough action that keeps the movie going and is one of the more tolerable Wahlberg films for me.  Pretty damn fun to watch and coming off the New Year celebration, this does the trick.

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