Movie of the Day – 200 Cigarettes

Well, I would have posted about Ghostbusters II and how it is the best New Year’s Eve movie out there, but I already did that post a little too early, but I have found a suitable replacement for the time being.  A vastly underrated comedy that was remade in 2011 under the moniker New Year’s Eve.  Yes, I am under the assumption, without ever having seen the newest Garry Marshall abortion (you used to be cool man) that they lifted the entire setting and plot beats from 200 Cigarettes and replaced all the actors from that movie with people that I want to punch in the face for being utterly vapid and formulaic.  Fuck You!  Anyways, I assume the next Garry Marshall movie will be about Arbor Day and be done with his “make every major holiday into a movie and fill it with people in small, shallow vignettes”.

Alright so lets get to what makes this a great New Year’s Eve movie.

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Movie of the Day – Infernal Affairs

I prefer my crime drama without the use of the Boston accent.  That is to say I didn’t love The Departed, just that I enjoy the Hong Kong version way more and no, it’s because of my man crush on Andy Lau:

No I like this because there is a bit more subtle nuiasnaces that went into this crime drama than say biting snark and a lot of yelling on the part of the American version.  Also I guess Jack Nicholson playing Jack Nicholson gets a bit tiring.  Infernal Affairs brings together a strong casts of familiar (to those who watch Hong Kong movies on a regular basis) actors and very tightly compacted story which enhances the pace and thrilling nature of the cat and mouse game.  A strong film that ended spawning two sequels, a couple of remakes in other markets and helped win Martin Scorsese an Oscar in 2006.

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Movie of the Day – The Golden Child

Oh Eddie Murphy, what the fuck happened?  Seriously, growing up as a kid I saw Beverly Hills Cop, 48 Hours, his comedy special and when I look back on all that, I shouldn’t have been watching cause he was pretty fucking vulgar.  Actually, I watched those movies because they were awesome and he was a insanely funny back in the 80s.  Now, Murphy is doing paycheck films like Pluto Nash and the one where he is inside of a life-size version of himself, like a cheap ripoff of Innerspace.  Sigh, all I have left of his great comedic roles are from the 80s, one in particular that stands out is The Golden Child.  A biting action comedy that has Eddie Murphy doing what he does best, which is being funny and scathing with his quick wit and rapid delivery of lines.

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Movie of the Day – Death at a Funeral

I guess I am on a British ensemble kick I decided to choose today’s post on the film Death at a Funeral.  This is the British 2007 version, not the Chris Rock who’s who of African American actors 2010 version.  I have seen both version and I find the smarmy, British humor a bit more palpable this go around.  Now if you have been reading my blog, you will know that I have a penchant for the dark comedy genre.  There is something about finding humor in the darkest of times with bleak subject matter entertaining.  I guess I view life as never being dull and finding at least something humorous out of any situation.  Apparently, I find the best humor from funeral settings, but knowing the Brits, this is a classy dark comedy.

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Movie of the Day – Beginners

Today, I am going back to an older review I did in August about the film Beginners.  I recently got the chance to re-watch the film over the holiday break and still found myself enraptured with the beauty and story of the film.  Beginners is a film that could have went a different path in the overall story, instead focusing on the romanticism that blossoms at every stage in life.  It’s not about endings, although for some characters their end comes in a real way, but rather about the beginning of something new, something that we all experience.  It’s love, at the most base perhaps, that propels the story about three people, all tied to together from each others beginning, middle and end of their lives.  Christopher Plummer plays a newly free gay man, one that wasn’t able to fully express himself till after the death of his wife.  Feeling that he could begin the life that he always wanted, Ewan McGregor’s character must learn to understand and begin a new relationship with a father he thought he knew.  All the while his love life is at a constant stop and go, he begins to feel love, or something close to it, when Melanie Laurent comes into his life.

I am linking to my original review so that I can save myself some of the emotions and finger dexterity I will use in writing about this again.  Even seeing the film a second time I couldn’t help but feel moved by the beauty and honesty that comes from the story and acting.  It’s like watching people fall in love again for the first time, particularly from Christopher Plummer’s perspective.

I think this is one of the better romantic films to come out this year, next to Like Crazy of course, that was vastly under appreciated and not widely seen.  It’s a gorgeous movie through and through, with the soft touches that Mike Mills brings to the cinematography and framing, this is a pretty picture with pretty actors.

This is, at its heart, a movie about starting over.  Not just about falling in love, although it does make you want to go home to your loved one and hug them, but it’s about understanding life and the little nuances that make up your life.  Oliver was a lost soul, even more confused than most since his dad admitted he was gay the whole time him and his wife were married.  It resets your life in a way that you have to learn about someone you grew up with and raised you, all over again.  But while we have to begin a new relationship with someone who we thought we knew, we start a new with someone we want to know more about.  Anna and Oliver start their relationship essentially psychoanalyzing one another and embark on a whimsical relationship that has each character discovering love and themselves over the course of their time together….more

Movie of the Day – Escape from New York

Now that the holiday has passed us by and I can say goodbye to posting about holiday movies.  So to come back from the festivities, I decided to talk about on a dystopian future in which our favorite film city (New York) is the stomping grounds for lawlessness and utter debauchery.  Also the movie has Kurt Russel in an eye patch, Isaac Hayes as a Duke, Lee Van Cleef making an appearance and one of John Carpenter’s top films.  This science fiction movie is just the thing to inch us closer to a new year and certainly a lo-fi budgeted favorite.  Cult Classic.

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Movie of the Day – Die Hard

In my mind, there is no other Christmas movie that can come close to the spirit of Christmas than Die Hard can.  It is the quintessential action and holiday movie that we can be blessed with and the sole reason that Bruce Willis is an action star. It is the birth of the true action movies, not one cluttered with a mere superhuman laying waste to a entire third world countries population in bad guys, but the average, vulnerable Joe who is just a man at the wrong place at wrong time.  It’s a movie in which the Christmas spirit is challenged and taken away by a Grinch like villain, Hans Gruber.  Die Hard is the best Christmas movie period.  To all who have complaints, please don’t read further since the opinions below will only anger you.

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Movie Review – Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

We as a movie going audience have been lied to for a long time when it comes to the world of spy/espionage movies.  How I wish that the spy  life is all about car chases, exotic locations for shoot-outs and fornicating with all the villains mistresses.  If that were the case, I wouldn’t be writing about movies.  Yes, watching James Bond and Jason Bourne shoot their way through rogue agents and become a one man command center is exciting as hell, but that is not the sort of tact that is needed to conduct international espionage.  So instead of martini’s, expensive suits and fast cars, we trade all that in for the Cold War era, trench coats and incredible acting talent in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

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Movie of the Day – Gremlins

For future references, if anyone wants to get me a gift for Christmas or any other holiday that necessitates a gift, don’t buy anything from a Chinese shop unless it’s a pair of swords or knock off Rolex watches.  Who the hell in their right mind would buy an unknown animal from a non-licensed breeder or pet shop?  To be honest though, if I saw this cute little Mogwai sitting in a Chinese shop, I would want to buy it.  I mean did you see how cute the little mogwai was, I mean we are talking penguins in sweaters level of cute.  Anyways, nothing like a dark comedy and little monstrous creatures to liven up the holiday season.

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Movie of the Day – The Proposition

I have wanted to talk about this movie for a while now and while this is a 10-day long Christmas post stretch I am conducting right now, I can wiggle this movie into the rotation of holiday movies.  Death, violence, revenge, despair, isolation, anger, and a myriad of other depressing words are not the typical holiday movie.  Actually those words describe no holiday in any country.  No the only thing that this movie has connecting it to the holiday of Christmas is that Dec. 25th is used as an ultimatum day for one man, either find the killer or watch you brother hang.  Not something of an uplifting story for Christmas, but then again this movie is as brutal as they come.

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