Movie of the Day – Recount

Ah the bitter pain of politics and their stranglehold on the American public.  It amazes me how utterly divided we as a nation are when it comes to politics.  It’s funny for when it comes time to election year and yapping on Fox and CNN are at full volume.  Personally I like when The Daily Show start their lampooning election coverage which at least gives me a bit of solace in the fact that it is one non-qualified candidate versus another non-qualified candidate.  This is the reason why I vote Libertarian.  I feel good about it even if they don’t win, so I get to complain either way.

Alright, there is my little rant for the time being, so lets dive into the mess that was the 2000 Presidential Election that is vividly (at times fudged) captured account of the Florida ballot recounting with the film Recount.

The highest office in the country is up for grabs, and the fate of the free world may hang in the balance. When the initial tallies from Florida voting polls prove inconclusive, the decision is made to hold a recount. But it’s a controversial decision to say the least, and one that caused many skeptical voters to suspect foul play. Eventually the case would go all the way to the Supreme Court, and as the trial gets under way charismatic Texas republican James Baker (Tom Wilkinson) attempts to rally public support for the recount. But the Democrats aren’t about to lie down and die just yet, because Al Gore’s former chief of staff Ron Klain (Spacey) can play hardball with the best of the old elephants. Now, as these two opposing giants come to blows over the fate of the presidency, they gradually begin to develop a grudging respect for one another.  ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

For all the political turmoil that came about the Florida elections, Recount does a great job in recreating the scenes and dialogue that took place during the circus affair of the recounts.  Jay Roach utilized some of the first hand accounts, interviews, press footage and a whole litany of other mediums to stitch together this patchwork of stories into a fictionalized work of art.  Sure, there are liberties being taken with the story, but there is always going to be a bit of fudging going on when retelling a story that not a lot of people were able to experience first hand.  I like the care that went into telling the story of the recount and trying very hard to stay neutral on the subject.  Sure the film comes off as a more Liberal leaning film, but both sides of the political parties concerns are brought forth and explored.

Aside from the care of the story, there is one hell of an all-star cast of actors that are in this HBO Film production.  Kevin Spacey, John Hurt, Laura Dern, Tom Wilkinson, Denis Leary, Ed Begley, Jr. and Bob Balaban all play pivotal roles in the film, each portraying a unique character to the whole recount saga.  A standout cast of actors all help lift the film with the gravitas needed to pull off this chaotic film.  Their acting is also peppered with funny, comedic scenes that lessen the dramatic effect and have us laughing at such a ridiculous time in American politics.

This is one of those films that got overlooked, mainly because it only showed on HBO and then released on DVD.  It ended up getting a lot of film nominations and praise for it’s portrayal of the 2000 Elections.  I found the film enjoyable with its representation of the events and making a political fiasco funny and engaging.  The cast didn’t hurt either as it rounded up some of the best talent around and Jay Roach was behind the camera.

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