Movie of the Day – Another Earth

Much like The Tree of Life post a few days ago, I am going back through my older reviews and bringing them up as a special movie of the day post.  It’s not for the lack of the material or wanting to make my posts simpler, but rather I feel that some of these movies were overlooked when they were released.  With the shortening timeline from theatrical release to home video release, this allows for another opportunity to see a movie that I said was one of the best science fiction movies this year.  If you read my original review of the movie, it was practically glowing.  I have never been so moved by a trailer and so evocative that I needed to see this movie.  I don’t get terribly excited about movies to the point where a trailer is enough to get me through the door.  I have probably seen that trailer over a dozen times and each time the opening sequence is done and the Cinematic Orchestra comes on to accompany the trailer, I feel a sense of wonderment about this movie.

It gives me chills to think about the premise of the film and the implications that it brings to the viewer.  Another planet Earth just sitting out in the distance and the trailer introduces the aspect of another you existing on the second planet.  It was enough to get a science fiction like me through the door or at least waiting with abated breath for the local theater to get the movie on screen.  Everything from the soft visuals, the strong acting and intriguing story played on my perceptions of science fiction movies and it truly is one of the better movies to have come out this year.  This movie might get unfairly compared to another movie with the premise of a secondary planet, Melancholia, but those are two different movies.  Melancholia, which my review is out currently, deals with the notion that death is imminent and unavoidable, while Another Earth asks us to look inward at ourselves and question how our life has played out.  Does our other self on the other planet make the same decisions you have in your life or possibly diverged at a key moment?  It leaves me with more questions and answers, which to some might seem cheap and unfair, but I found myself comfortable with unanswered things in life.

The film is being released tomorrow on video, so take an opportunity and rent it on Netflix or Redbox.  Give it an opportunity, especially if you are not a science fiction fan.  This is as close as we can get to a pure science fiction film that doesn’t have space battles, fancy future technology or even alien sexing.

Original review below:

If you have been following along with this blog since the beginning, or maybe part way through my 50th post, you will have read about me talking about this movie.  I am a lover of science fiction films, but not only that, I am a lover of the unexplainable.  Life is about the uncertainty that we all go through everyday.  Science fiction writing and film is about capturing that essence and either explaining it or give us more to think about.  Another Earth had me hooked from the start of the trailer.  I have honestly never felt so enraptured by a trailer and leaving me with this void that I couldn’t explain.  Was it the quizzical nature of science fiction trying to explain why there is the existence of another planet Earth?  Was is the deeper, moral reflection on our existence and what it means to internalize our decisions in life?  Maybe it was the fact that the most chilling aspect of the trailer was that it presented you with the idea that there is another you, living on the second Earth.  It could be that the trailer song done by Patrick Watson and The Cinematic Orchestra that evoked such a calm and tranquil feeling that you should close your eyes and just go with what happens in the movie and life.  If you felt moved by the trailer, perhaps you are a lover of the science fiction genre and need an answer…. continued here


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