Movie Review – Like Crazy

One of the most gorgeous and beautifully put together trailers this year, it captures the quiet beauty of two young lovers and their longing for one another through different phases of their lives.  The trailer is elegantly captured with Ingrid Michaelson’s rendition of Can’t Help Falling In Love.  It says everything about the movie one perfect song and the movie seemed as graceful as the trailer makes it out to be.

The movie stars Anton Yelchin as Jacob and Felicity Jones as Anna, two young college students who fall in love with one another after Anna leaves a quirky note on Jacob’s car and two have several dates.  The story follows their time together in LA and how each get addicted to each others affection and love they share.  Anna’s visa is set to expire as her time studying America is almost up, they share a moment under the covers to not think about what is to come, but rather live in each others moment.  Jacob meets her parents, the two slip away on a get away trip and Jacob gifts her chair (which plays a role in the relationship).  It’s all well and good until Anna skips out on the visa and she isn’t allowed to come back to America, thus causing a rift and separation between the two lovers.  The two must now contend with miles between them and their changing lives.

It is a familiar romance story, one that you might have seen in numerous movies or even read about in a romance novel.  But the pieces of this story are so well put together that it seems refreshing and honest, all the while tugging at your heart strings.  Even if you aren’t in a long distance relationship or have someone close to you, it hits you close as you can relate in some fashion to the young love that the two feel for one another.  Director Drake Doremus has crafted a touching love story that captures the moment of new love and wonderful feelings that accompany the two lovers.  From the get go, the story hits all the right notes with a whimsical meeting of the two leads and we watch through finely tuned montages  of their relationship in fast motion.  The montages are playful and tempo-ed with touching piano pieces, we follow along closely and share in their special moments.  But as the characters lives change and grow, so does the imagery.  It doesn’t keep the fairy tale like imagery in check for long until things become complicated and the mood changes.

What got me most was the acting.  This is the most honest portrayal of love and relationships that two actors could hope to exude on screen.  Anton Yelchin was perfect as Jacob, the confused young man who holds on to the memories of his time with Anna and how he yearns for her.  What helped elevate this is that Anton is a young actor and he has this natural vulnerability that shows in every scene where the two are not together.  Felicity Jones is perky and energetic as Anna, but while her character is a love struck optimist, she is confused and clings to the past of what they had, gripping to the things that made them love one another.  She brings this amazing energy to her role and paired with Anton, the two have solid chemistry.

I am practically fawning over this movie and rightly so.  While romance movies use cheap emotion ploys or difficult situations to produce some connection or empathy with their character, Like Crazy actually works for every emotional beat of the movie.  I think why this works is that the movie portrays a young love that we have all experienced at some point in our lives and couple that with the difficulty of having it suddenly ending because of hard circumstances, you long for the two to be together no matter what the costs.  Regardless of the characters actions in the movie, there is a part of you that roots for them in the end, even with the ambiguous ending.

It’s a touching movie that reads like a love note written between distant lovers.  We watch them start and stop the relationship again and again, but each time we hope for the best.  The two leads are amazing and embody the best in all of us, even with their decisions and faults that they make.  We overlook that and hope that in the end it works.  If the trailer moved you and lit a spark in you, go see this movie.

Rating: 4/5

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