Movie of the Day – An Evening with Kevin Smith

And so my love affair with Kevin Smith related films continues.  While his movies hit a certain funny bone (HA bone) with me, one of the things I love is the stories and engaging natures that Kevin has about him.  I have been to one Q&A session where Kevin Smith has been in attendance at which was the Red State showing and his presence and openness about his life and memories are hilarious.  He is the rare director who is so candid about his life and his career as a filmmaker, that you got  think that some of what he says about the other directors, the industry and actors relatively a taboo subject.  Along with his Q&A sessions, he also runs a podcast empire which is really entertaining and gets me through the day.  So instead of picking one of his movies I decided to pick some of his recorded  sessions during his college tours.

There isn’t much writing about this subject since it is just watching Kevin Smith get up on stage and field a multitude of questions from his adoring fans.  The stories can be long at times but overall the they are funny, perverse, and insightful as you watch and listen to a man who is blessed with the career that he has.  The stories range from his time doing a documentary for Prince, his brief time on the Superman reboot, or going at length about meeting his wife, his gift as a orator and story teller (even if the movies aren’t the greatest stories) is so captivating that you want to hear more.  Even if the comedy of the session is more self deprecating, it is still great to watch someone with such a candid state of mind.  I have post a few of the best clips from the series, but I highly recommend his series for a good laugh.

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