Movie of the Day – Ghost Dog

Not too long ago I was having a discussion with some friends about our top five list of movies.  Now me being the person that I am had to have some clarification.  Were we listing like top five action films, 90s film, comedy, drama, foreign, or any other classification?  Well we were just being put on the spot and had to talk about our favorite movies, which puts me in a tight, claustrophobic spot.  So I list off my films and one of the selections, Le Samouraï’, made me think about another often overlooked film.  If you aren’t familiar with Le Samouraï’, well I will cover that movie at a later date.  I didn’t feel up to the task of tackling, what is considered by me, one of my top five films of all time.  But I do feel comfortable talking about another movie that is an homage to the great Jean-Pierre Melville directed, 1967 French Crime film.  The film in question is called Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai, which is done by Jim Jarmusch and starring Forest Whitaker.

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Movie of the Day – Recount

Ah the bitter pain of politics and their stranglehold on the American public.  It amazes me how utterly divided we as a nation are when it comes to politics.  It’s funny for when it comes time to election year and yapping on Fox and CNN are at full volume.  Personally I like when The Daily Show start their lampooning election coverage which at least gives me a bit of solace in the fact that it is one non-qualified candidate versus another non-qualified candidate.  This is the reason why I vote Libertarian.  I feel good about it even if they don’t win, so I get to complain either way.

Alright, there is my little rant for the time being, so lets dive into the mess that was the 2000 Presidential Election that is vividly (at times fudged) captured account of the Florida ballot recounting with the film Recount.

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Movie of the Day – Another Earth

Much like The Tree of Life post a few days ago, I am going back through my older reviews and bringing them up as a special movie of the day post.  It’s not for the lack of the material or wanting to make my posts simpler, but rather I feel that some of these movies were overlooked when they were released.  With the shortening timeline from theatrical release to home video release, this allows for another opportunity to see a movie that I said was one of the best science fiction movies this year.  If you read my original review of the movie, it was practically glowing.  I have never been so moved by a trailer and so evocative that I needed to see this movie.  I don’t get terribly excited about movies to the point where a trailer is enough to get me through the door.  I have probably seen that trailer over a dozen times and each time the opening sequence is done and the Cinematic Orchestra comes on to accompany the trailer, I feel a sense of wonderment about this movie.

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Movie Review – Melancholia

I found it interesting that back in 2009, director Lars von Trier said that his next films after Anti-Christ, were going to be devoid of a happy ending.  As a fan of his work I chuckled at this statement since I have seen Anti-Christ and Dancer in the Dark numerous times and never really found happiness in any of the endings.  I mean unless you were happy with the penis splitting good time that was Anti-Christ, I guess someone at least found something to be happy about.  Lars von Trier is a bit of a polarizing director, especially if you are only interested in him as a passing film fan.  He loves to revel in the grandiose story, harsh acting and stunning visuals to a point where you either love the man or hate him.

There is no denying though, even if you tuned into some of his movies in just the passing glance on Netflix one night, that his films are absolutely beautiful to watch.  So being a fan of his, this new science fiction project was something out of his comfort zone.  I was intrigued with the premise about viewing a film which doesn’t have a happy ending.  It goes against a lot of the pillars of film making or the pillars that we have become comfortable with as a viewing audience.  With so little known about the movie initially, the only bits of information we had to go off of was that the movie dealt with the destruction of Earth by a planet called Melancholia.  Melancholia, a name which means sadness in Greek, is not only the driven force behind the film, but also the emotional set piece for the study of depression and contemplation on the end of our lives.

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Movie of the Day – Page One: Inside the New York Times

In the ever changing digital landscape, most of the reliance on sites like Twitter and Facebook for information is leading us further away from the traditional means of information gathering.  Sure newspapers are still around to deliver us the daily ads and possible sudoku puzzle to make our morning commutes a little easier, but in a constantly changing, tech driven atmosphere, why pick up a paper anymore.  I carry my smartphone with me at all times and in reality, why would I need to pay for a newspaper for updates on world events when a simple app or online news aggregate can simply filter what I want to know.  It sounds cynical and maybe a slight against those who bust their ass to deliver credible, journalistic news stories, but are newspapers going to be around for much long, even institutional establishments like The New York Times?

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Movie of the Day – Be Kind Rewind

If you spent any time on Youtube just checking out fan submissions of trailers and recreations of scenes, you have participated in Sweded film viewings.  Sweded videos are just recreation of existing movies or scenes with a limited budget and generally done in the quickest way possible.  It’s inventive and creative to watch these fan films come to life with just the source material and little creativity.  So this leads into the movie of the day post which has an absurdly creative director and visual technician like Michel Gondry basing an entire movie around the idea of Sweding.  Be Kind Rewind is a little throwback to the visual style of the VHS medium will embracing the creativity of film.

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Movie of the Day – What Would Jesus Buy?

I guess this is about as topical a film selection can be for a day like today.  It’s Black Friday and like most people, I am watching the news in hopes that there will be some piece on the chaos of stampedes and fights that break out at local stores.  Sure it is a bit of mean thing to think would happen, but it’s bound to happen.  Anyways, I personally do my shopping online so that saves me some trouble and conserves my fighting energy for more important things.  So gather around the table or the new flat screen television you got on sale during Black Friday and see what it is that Jesus would buy.

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Movie Review – Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians

One of the most interesting and well crafted documentaries I have seen at the festival and honestly, in a long while.  The concept was fantastic, a group of card counting Christians beating the odds at the casino and stealing from the hands of the rich.  We have all seen the casino heist movies where this genius teams all have a system and beat the odds, but while they do it because they want the money, the group called The Church do it for God.  This movie follows the story and growth of the card counters who all share a common faith and their need to do Gods work.  The group has developed a system in order to beat the odds at the casino and liberate the wicked money from the hands of the evil casinos and their sin along with it.  The Church group is successful in all rights, starting with only a few people and growing rapidly into this card counting business.  They have investors, managers, and players, each having a role in the backing of the card counting to maximize their revenue.  The documentary shows their commitment to the group and how their faith binds them in their work and overall goal.

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Movie of the Day – ThanksKilling

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Seriously, how the hell could I not post this as today’s movie of the day.  Just, I mean, come on guys.  Look I could have gone with a dozen different movies like Pieces of April or Planes, Trains and Automobiles, but I wanted to do something absurd that I just have to have this as the movie of the day.  I never know about this movie until I saw it on Netflix under the holiday’s category it brought up one evening and I was hooked.  I watched it, it’s vile, ridiculous, absurd, juvenile but damn if it wasn’t entertaining.

It’s a cult classic through and through.  It’s is about as low budget as a movie can get with only a few thousand dollars to its name and memorable to boot.  So sit back and relax on this auspicious day and enjoy some ThanksKilling.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Movie Review – Natural Selection

So I don’t have a trailer to show everyone, which is weird considering this movie is one of the festival darlings from SXSW, getting every possible award there.  With no trailer, how can a movie like this get more coverage?  Well with people like myself who go out and see it when available and spread the word.  Natural Selection sounded great from the get go and with a relatively unknown cast, minus Rachel Harris who plays the lead female role Linda, the movie had indie darling written all over it.  This was the last show for the evening for me and the theater was packed and the producer was in attendance that evening, so the excitement for the movie was high.

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