Movie of the Day – Ghostbusters

With all the ghosts and monsters out there running around tonight on Halloween, some of them might be actual ghosts and not some little kid as a Power Ranger (is that still on).  You to protect yourself and what better way to protect yourself from the ghosts then the power of “unlicensed nuclear accelerators” proton packs wielded by paranormal investigators.  Got to call the Ghostbusters.

Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, and Egon Spengler are three scientists at Columbia University in New York City. When their grant expires, the guys are fired and they go into business as a ghost extermination company called “Ghostbusters”. Their first customer is orchestra cello player Dana Barrett, who was scared out of her apartment on the 22nd floor of a high rise apartment building on Central Park West. It seems that Dana’s neighbor, Louis Tully, is also being affected by the strange happenings in the apartment building. Armed with proton guns, the Ghostbusters become wildly popular, and they are joined by Winston Zeddmore, who is looking for a job with good pay. Overzealous Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) agent Walter Peck thinks the Ghostbusters are frauds, and he has the Ghostbusters put in jail. Peck is forced to believe the Ghostbusters when New York City is put under siege by an ancient Sumerian God named Gozer the Gozerian, who is channeled through the apartment building that Dana and Louis live in, and the mayor has no choice but to let the Ghostbusters out of jail to face Gozer. Written by Todd Baldridge

Gosh, I remember when I was a little kid and I had the proton pack and the toys and the trap itself.  That was the shit, this movie is the shit.  I dare anyone to watch this movie and try not to laugh during it.  You can’t do it.  It’s impossible as the movie combines some of the best comedic talent and writing during the 80s.  This was like a dream come true for movie fans with this sort of talent all on one screen.  You have Bill Murray bringing his dry, skillful humor to the scene.  Dan Aykroyd as the purist who believe in ghosts and the unknown.  His bright eyed approach brings credibility to the role and Harold Ramis is just masterful in his role as the egg-head of the group.  Sure I can’t forget about Ernie Hudson and Rick Moranis in their memorable role either.

The movie even has one of my favorite “that guy” actors, William Artherton, as Walter Peck.  The guy who kick starts the apocalypse and blames it all on the Ghostbusters.  It is a fun movie all around, with the scares coming from shock moments when ghosts suddenly appear on screen.  Who didn’t get frightened as a kid when the opening scene in library took place?  I about pissed myself cause you didn’t see that coming.  It was just this big spectacle of a movie with the cover of a comedy and attitude of an action movie all rolled into one.

I feel like I shouldn’t continue talking about this movie.  I mean this is iconic and if you haven’t seen the movie at all, stop wasting your time reading and go watch it.  You will laugh, get scared, cheer and enjoy the inventive, unique characters on screen.  It is a classic in every sense of the word.

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I am just another blogger putting his thoughts into a website. My love is movies so most of my musings will be movie related. I work as an online marketer for an advertising company and when I am not earning a paycheck, I moonlight as a vigilante film blogger.

5 Responses to Movie of the Day – Ghostbusters

  1. Frank Bishop says:

    One of the greats. The cast delivered on infinite levels. This is an amazing movie, period.


    I hope to god that Ghostbusters 3 doesn’t suck. The video game that takes place between movie one and two was amazing, probably one of my most favorite games for the 360. Soooo much fun.

    • Nick says:

      This was Bill Murray at the top of his game. It had just all the right elements and that standard wacky 80’s mentality. Hands down this is a top ten movie of all time for me. That’s right, I am putting a movie about dudes busting ghosts next to the greats like Seven Samurai.

    • Nick says:

      Also I never did get to play the video game they released. It looked pretty fun to tell you the truth.

  2. H.E. ELLIS says:

    This was the first “scary” movie I let my kids watch. They still love it.

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