Movie of the Day – Coffee and Cigarettes

A very straightforward concept film involving two vices that I don’t particularly imbibe.  Coffee and Cigarettes are two vices that essentially have a lot in common when one thinks about it.  While both are addicting, both share this common bond in the facilitation of communication.  We meet someone on a date at the coffee shop or cafe, we sit and talk to the person over the some special house roast and get to know one another.  Cigarettes have the same effect in that there are some who take a break with others at work and share a smoke and a chat.  You got to pass the time somehow and why not chat up the fellow smoker that is next to you.  Essentially this is a movie about the vices that we share and the conversation we have over coffee and cigarettes.

The films is broken out into 11 different section, each having new actors and actresses and each new setting is filled with interesting banter.  The use of the black and white coloring is to mark the differences that each side of the conversation has, but ultimately we witness two people having opposite opinions and sharing a moment over coffee and cigarettes.

Jim Jarmusch directed a strictly dialogue driven film, but its the subject matter that the writing explores that keeps us engaged.  Smart writing and natural chemistry from the screens stars are what keep you interested.  Think of it like this, in one scene you have Tom Waits and Iggy Pop, two phenomenal musicians sitting around drinking coffee and going back and forth with one another.  While most people would just shrug it off, it’s the natural chemistry each have and it’s just plain weird to see two different musicians finding a common ground in conversation that they quit smoking.  It’s the intimate look at often awkward conversations that people have which is the center of the movie.

The nonsensical conversations might be boring to most people.  I mean, when you think about it, you are just watching actors talking, nothing else.  There isn’t some sort of underlying truth to their conversation, they just pick a topic and go with it.  I think the biggest draw is the fact that you are getting to see actors and actresses banter on in odd pairings.  One scene you have the White Stripes talking about a Tesla Coil.  Steve Coogan and Alfred Molina have a chat over team and talk about a designer jacket and exchanging numbers.  The conversation is interrupted by a phone call from Spike Jonez. Gza, Rza and Bill Murray share a scene in which Murray is method acting by playing the role of a coffee server, all the while the Gza talks about drinking coffee before bed to quicken his dreams.

All these little scenes make up an interesting whole to a movie that is about connecting with people.  Each scene is a setup for each person to find some common ground and just banter like people.  Sure our conversations don’t revolve around being famous or playing with a Tesla Coil, but there has to be some draw to get us hooked.

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