Movie of the Day – Bloodsport

KUMITE!  KUMITE!  KUMITE!  KUMITE!  Hell yes son, time to man up and get ready for the fight of your life.  The Muscles from Brussels, Jean-Claude Van Damme takes on the underground world of illegal fighting competition.  You can bet he will be doing the splits all to the way to finals to take on a stereotypical bad guy who rules the roost and is reigning champion.  So get your ass ready for some kick ass fight scenes and stupid, pointless dialogue scenes.

An American soldier at large in Hong Kong, Van Damme becomes involved in the Kumite (also spelled Kumatai), a highly illegal kickboxing competition. Whoever survives the bout will be crowned Kumite champion of the world-a title that has plenty of challengers with homicide in their hearts. The finale offers a duel to the death (or near-death) between Van Damme and reigning Kumite king Bolo Yeung.  – Hal Erickson, Rovi

GOD!  The dialogue and acting is just, well, not great.  Also what the hell is Forest Whitaker doing in this movie?  Weird.  Anyways, I am not going to dive into the story of Frank Dux and super secret infiltration of the KUMITE! (legally required to capitalize KUMITE!).  It doesn’t matter because the highlight of the movie is a the United Nations of karate and fighting styles.  We got some guy who kicks, one who punches, one that is a sumo, another who also kicks and punches at the same time.  Like any martial arts movie, the nationalities are stereotypes and they wear funny pants and stuff while they fight.

All these fight pale in comparison to the grand champion.  The man, the myth, the legend…CHONG LI!

Look at this guy!  You think Jean-Claude can defeat him?  Well he has in like 4 other of his movies where Bolo Yeung is needed to play some main henchman, bodyguard, or grand martial arts champion.  But shit this dude is ruthless.  Cheap shots after the bell has rung, killing the competitors (while not expressly forbidden, it is frowned upon) and beating up Dux’s friend and fellow competitor.

Listen, why am I still writing?  Go watch this movie now!  Skip the dialogue and constant leg splits that Van Damme does like 80 times during the length of this movie.  Just skip to the KUMITE! battles and you are set.  They are well choreographed and damn entertaining.

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