Movie of the Day – Robot Jox

Ok, so I have been seeing a lot of trailers for this rock em sock em robot movie called Real Steel.  I look at these and immediately think, “sons of bitches are ripping off Robot Jox! (sort of)”.  Then it hits me, I should write about this utter gem of a movie.  I mean who the hell else would immediately think about this Sy-Fy television quality movie?  I mean did you even watch the trailer?  Cheesy graphics, giant mech bots beating each other up, and a fucking chainsaw dick!  This movie had it all and it was science fiction to boot.  So as a kid (the movie came out in 1990) I was hooked since I like robots and fighting.  It’s the best of both worlds!  So lets rocket punch our way into this terribly brief review (seriously not much to write on this other than robots fighting).

So Earth has been ravaged by nuclear war and the remaining nations have outlawed open war in order to spare the population another devastating blow (good call on the first war then).  So as usual, the US and Russia managed to become the two super powers still really wanting to blow one another up.  So to settle disputes, they settle their grievances on the battlefield with giant mechs beating one another up.  The Russian federation puts their best Robot Jox pilot Alexander (Paul Koslo) and the American pilot Achilles (Gary Graham) in a battle to the death!

Alright, to be honest, the acting is horrible, the graphics are cheesy to look at and overall the movie is ridiculous.  It’s one of those treasured so bad it’s good movies.  I mean as a science fiction fan, this is appealing as hell from an enjoyment perspective.  In terms of a movie, not really one but you do have to appreciate the dedication to this movie.  The battle scenes at least are realistic in terms of lumbering, metal robots goes.  The fights though seem so awkward as each take turns shooting each other and then they get to go hand to hand.  Plus I was confused why the pilots needing genetic modification, as if having a supped up pilot is great when you robot is inadequately equipped.

Anyways, the only thing interesting, besides robots fighting, is that societies have evolved enough to settle conflicts in a “my best man against your best man” style of combat.  Granted a fist fight would be sufficient, but I guess people need entertaining in a post apocalyptic future.  This isn’t available on Netflix to watch, other than to rent, but if you have the time, the movie is available on youtube in parts.  So do what you want.

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