Movie of the Day – Man on Wire

I guess today is the sort of day that needs a little inspiration.  Whether work has you down, life is at odds with you, or even your future outlook is uncertain, we all need to take a chance or find something to strive for.  We all have some sort of goal, whether written down on a post it note or scribbled in a notebook, we all have this drive to see something we want to achieve and just do it.  Man on Wire might not get you inspired enough to tight rope walk across two buildings, but you have to feel a bit of admonishment from this mans actions to do what he did because it was there to do.  I don’t normally look at two buildings and think “I got walk between the two buildings, thousands of feet up in the air” but rather I look and think maybe I can take a cue and just do something because it is there to do.

Man on Wire is the chronicling of Philippe Petit’s highwire walk between the roofs of the Twin Towers in 1974.  The documentary shows a lot of archival footage of the feat and also some never before seen behind the scenes footage.  The film is interspersed with these bits of footage and current interviews with those involved in the heist-like venture and their reflection on their act.

The documentary is both interesting and engaging to watch as Petit’s charismatic and unique nature just frames his actions a little better.  He saw the towers as a symbol to the people of New York and it made an impression on him.  An impression that ultimately made him make that symbol a part of his life and his actions.  You really have to watch the documentary and listen to him retell his experience and what he felt when we walked the wire between the buildings.  You see this vivid, fond memory of one his most amazing acts comes to life in his eyes and the way he goes on about the act.  It’s a touching story as well, in that it is about a man who saw something he wanted to do and did it.  No limitations, other than jail, were placed on his actions.  He was inspired by this symbol and in turn his action leads to more inspiration in the human endeavor.

You are in luck if you haven’t see the documentary as it is available to watch on Instant Stream for Netflix.

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