Trailers of the Week – Carnage & Beyond the Game

Better late than never I always say.  While the post is a day behind I feel that, thanks to /  for their amazing coverage on all things film, that I was able to stumble upon a few trailers that caught my eye and hopefully will catch yours.  Coming at you today is new film by Roman Polanski entitled “Carnage” and an unfinished documentary called “Beyond the Game”.  Both look fascinating with Polanski releasing another film and the documentary covering the video game culture.


Wow is all I have to say when you have a film that brings together Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz and John C. Reily for a manic comedy about two families coming discussing about what their respective children did in a brawl they were involved in.  The fact that Polanski has put together a stellar cast of actors and actresses is enough to get me to the theater.  Plus I love when adults are reduced to children bickering back and forth and snidely making comments about the other parents kids.  Good times 🙂

Beyond the Game:

Yes I am a gamer, maybe not to the degree as some other really competitive people in the gaming culture, but I am a gamer.  But the documentary isn’t just about games, instead to looks beyond the games that we play and grew up with and focuses on the culture that surrounds gaming.  They look at the competitive nature of gaming tournaments which have a huge following and tests the participants in incredible, reaction based gaming.  It follows the culture chiptunes or 8-bit music where musicians have taken their love of music of video games and the machines distinct sound to create their music.  Then it jumps to the influence of gamers as they grow up and how the game effect their lives.  We may chide gamers as being these anti-social rejects who sit in a basement and play games all day, but the documentary shows that games are more than just a visual stimulus, but a culture onto itself.

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