Movie of the Day – Bullitt

If you are a fan of Steve McQueen, (if you are male and aren’t familiar with Steve McQueen, grow some balls and a beard then come talk to me) then you know why I choose this movie today.  Seriously, every guy, car enthusiast, and gear heads will know exactly the scene I will inevitably refer to in this post.  Bullitt harkens back to the time when muscle cars and car chases go hand in hand.  Hell it is the sole reason muscle cars exists is to see them go really fast and preferably chasing another muscle car through the twists and turns of a crowded city.  Bullitt has one of the best car chase scenes in movie history.  Other people will contend that other movies have better chase scenes, which is fine opinion to have.  If you think to bring up anything of that Fast and Furious franchise into the car chase ring, prepared to be laughed out of the ring in your supped up 97 Honda Civic.  I realize I am focusing on cash scene a lot but to be honest, this is what the movie will be forever remembered for.  So buckle up suckers and get ready for Bullitt.

Haters Gonna Hate

The story begins with Bullitt assigned to a seemingly routine detail, protecting mafia informant Johnny Ross (Pat Renella), who is scheduled to testify against his Mob cronies before a Senate subcommittee in San Francisco. But when a pair of hitmen ambush their secret location, fatally wounding Ross, things don’t add up for Bullitt, so he decides to investigate the case on his own. Unfortunately for him, ambitious senator Walter Chalmers (Robert Vaughn), the head of the aforementioned subcommittee, wants to shut his investigation down, hindering Bullitt’s plan to not only bring the killers to justice but discover who leaked the location of the hideout. ~ Matthew Tobey, Rovi

Alright, so a quick synopsis recap by someone other than me and now can move on to why I like this movie and why it is today’s choice.  Aside from the obvious choice of the chase scene, I love Steve McQueen movies.  Everything from The Blob (1958), Vin Tanner in The Magnificent Seven (1960) and The Great Escape (1963), Steve McQueen is the man.  He’s got that gruff, tough man look down, charismatic and compelling, but ultimately he is fantastic actor.  Take all these elements and place him in a movie like Bullitt, then you got Steven McQueen making the Ford Mustang even tougher looking that it already is.  He’s like the multiplication sign in mathematics where placing him in any movie instantly makes the movie “x times Steve McQueen greater”.  No question about it.  No need to check my math.

Now the movie itself is ok, as it is a pretty by the number police procedural and nothing really groundbreaking in terms of story and plot.  The director Peter Yates, which is his first American Film, took a by the numbers Steve McQueen vehicle and lifted the movie to the fucking stars.  Not kidding, this was hailed as one of his finest movies and if he wanted to stop making American films, he could have retired a legend at that point.  No matter what he went on to do after Bullitt, that movie is the defining picture in his filmography, and if I were him I would tattoo that shit on my chest like a gangster.  Peter Yates seemingly made a classic off of one extended chase scene and made the Ford Mustang even more iconic because of it.  Also Steve McQueen still cemented his badassness with that scene as well.

So for my final thoughts, I want to talk about the chase scene.  You know what?  Screw it, here is the clip of the chase scene for all of you to enjoy.  Adios readers!

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