Movie of the Day – Mystery Team

Not sure how to start this movie of the day.  The movie is relatively unknown, unless of course you are a fan of DERRICK Comedy, a group that creates very funny online shorts.  The movie is basically an extension of their comedy shorts on Youtube, which features the three actors being raunchy and hilarious.  It’s kind of one of those throwaway movies that you wouldn’t think to watch if you came across it, but if you love some R-rated comedies or a fan of the sketch shows, this is a fucking hilarious movie.

The movie follows the Mystery Team, a group of three teens who help solve junior case mysteries.  They started out as children and still solving missing cat cases and lunch money being stolen even at the age of 18.  They haven’t changed their ways, but one day they are asked to solve a murder case by a young girl.  The team still holding on to their small fame, agree to involve themselves in a double homicide.  This is their one chance to prove they are real detectives.

The movie is filled with little bits of hilarity.  Lots of swearing and situational humor and the familiar Derrick Comedy touches.  The movie reminds me of Hot Rod in the sense that it is one of those off-beat movies that you catch on Comedy Central from time to time.  While not filled with big name stars, you will recognize Donald Glover of Community fame or from his rapping career as the Childish Gambino.

The movie is low budget as can be.  This was made during a hiatus from their comedy sketches and done over the course of 7 weeks. But with a small budget, no restrictions and a love for comedy, they were able to create an entertaining movie and increase their appeal outside of the their youtube sketches.  There isn’t really much to say about the movie other than check it out.  If you like dumb comedies or even a fan of man-child like characters, you will get a kick out of this.  Check out their youtube channel for some of their sketches as well for additional laughs.

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