Movie of the Day – Superfly

I am in a bit of groovy mood tonight and that is because I was out having a few beer, but mainly because I need to find a calm place this evening after a hectic work week.  So the post tonight is going to be fairly mellow, but it gives me an excuse to post a movie that I enjoy, from a genre that spawned some killer soundtracks.  I am talking about the landmark Blaxploitation movie Superfly.   If you have never seen the movie, well I am sure you have heard of the soundtrack by Curtis Mayfield, you know the one I am talking about.  I do enjoy Blaxploitation movies, heck I gave a massive amount of praise to Black Dynamite which was one of the best homages to the genre out there.  Superfly covers a lot of the elements that Black Dynamite incorporated into the movie.  So aside from the groovy tunes of Curtis Mayfield, Superfly does hold an interesting place in the halls of cinema.

Priest (Ron O’Neal) is a up-and-coming cocaine dealer in the mean streets of New York City.  We follow his life doing the cocaine hustling, dealing with junkies and handling  the ins and outs of drug dealing.  Pries is living a hard life and after some of his friends are taken down, he plans one last opportunity to get out of the drug game.  Priest must deal with the law and find a way out of his situation before he ends up like the rest of the dealers.

The movie has been used to tell the tale of the inner city during the 70s.  It showed the hard lifestyle of drug dealers (who happen to know karate), but it never glorified the lifestyle, it showed the consequences of following that life.  It showed that those who choose to deal either end up dead or live a life in fear.  You can never get away clean from the drug life, even when Priest found a way to make a getaway.  There is always this looming fear of the lifestyle coming back to get you and this is exemplified in the final scene between Priest and the detectives looking to take him down.

Superfly has all the trademarks of the Blaxploitation movies of its time.  You got the drug life at the center, the hero (anti-hero in this case) being one who is trying to change his life, he knows karate, rocks a killer wardrobe and drives a sweet, sweet customized Cadillac Eldorado.  The car is also one of the most influential things to come out of the movie, short of the soundtrack.  The customized Eldorado was a custom job tailored to fit the needs of Priest, but it also unwittingly became the hallmark of drug dealers and pimps in real life.  It brought the idea of customization to the forefront and the term “pimpmobile” stemmed from this movie.

Superfly’s soundtrack is one of my favorites.  Produced and written by Curtis Mayfield, the soundtrack is this gorgeous mix of funk and soul music with lyrics that alligned with the ideas of the movie.  It talked about the drug dealing life and the hard times on the street.  It never glorified that drug dealing lifestyle, but used the music and lyrics to shed a light on the hardships of those who are effected by the drug trade.

Such an amazing movie with an amazing soundtrack, the only thing I can say is if you enjoyed watching and reading about Black Dynamite, check out where the movie got its roots from.  Also I am going to leave you with a little Curtis Mayfield for the evening.  Preach on suckas.

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