Movie of the Day – The Good the Bad the Weird

Time to combine two of my favorite things into one post, westerns and Korean cinema.  How is that even remotely possible, well considering the Korean cinema is already leaps and bounds ahead of Hollywood films, having them take a stab at genre bending themes isn’t a big stretch.  Kim Ji-woon makes yet another appearance on my blog after his most recent movie I Saw The Devil and now we get to witness his stab at the spaghetti western genre with not one or two, but three of my favorite Korean actors sharing the same screen in a homage to The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Song Kang-ho from The Host, JSA, and Memories of Murder plays the weird character Yoon Tae-goo.  Lee Byung-hun (A Bittersweet Life, JSA, and I Saw The Devil) plays the devilish bad character named Park Chang-yi.  Last is Jung Woo-sung (Musa and The Restless) plays our good character named Park Do-won.  All three of these incredible actors and a icon director all coming together for a Korean westerns is probably the greatest thing since Peanut Butter and Jelly in the same jar.  Here’s the reasons why…

The Good

The film starts with one hell of a train scene where The Bad and his gang overtake a train in hopes of running off with some treasure and a special item they are sent to get.  The Weird is also on the train hoping to make a quick score from the Japanese officials on the train.  Before The Weird can make a play, The Bad derails the train and all hell breaks loose as the bounty hunter, The Good, is also on the case to track down The Bad and collect the bounty.  All three end of colliding and gun fight ensues while The Weird makes his escape with a treasure map.  After discovering the map leads to a treasure of enormous wealth, The Bad and his gang, The Good, and The Japanese Army all descend upon The Weird to try and get the map and get the treasure.

The Bad

There is not one thing bad about this movie, from the characters, story, action, comedy, suspense, and perfect touches of director trademarks.  This is one of the most enjoyable spaghetti western flicks I have seen that doesn’t play into the mold in which westerns follow.  They took a unique spin on the old The Good, The Bad and The Ugly film, a classic in its own right, and gave it some style and flair that only Kim Ji-woon could. All three of the actors in the movie are perfectly cast and I especially think that Song Kang-ho “The Weird” embraced his character the best.  I was laughing and enjoying his character just weasel his way out of situation after situation, all while leaving a path of destruction behind him in a more brilliant dumb luck getaway.

As a spaghetti western film, The Good The Bad The Weird is just flat out, one of the best standout movies from the genre.  The action scenes are incredible to watch, especially the gun battle in the thieves village where the battle jumps from the ground to the rooftop in one swift motion.  You have comedy mixed into the battle to keep it amusing, but then immediately we jump back into quick draws and crafty gun play.  But like any western, you got to have the classic final showdown, which much like The Good, The Bad and The Ugly does, we get all three actors in the same place having a good old fashioned Mexican standoff.  The pace of this movie jumps a bit, while the action is fast and frenetic, once the characters leave the bullets behind we are treated to slower scenes that use more exposition than anything else.  To keep the rhythm going, quick acts of violent outbursts or comedic slapstick is used to keep our attention.  So when not in battle, the movie still keeps our attention in line with the characters.

The Weird

I have been impressed time and time again by Korean cinema.  Whether they are tackling horror, suspense, comedy or violence, they always have this inherit stylish cover over their films.  While slick looking and intriguing, that doesn’t detract from pure story telling.  The focus on character development and following through with their actions make watching their films an incredible experience.  I was a bit skeptical about a Korean spaghetti westerns, but after watching this movie I hope that they do more with this genre and bend it a little to suit their style of film making.

You are in luck as the movie is available for instant stream on Netflix.  Put this in your instant queue and make some time to watch this, you won’t regret it.  If you love westerns, this is a must.  If you aren’t into this genre, there is enough comedy and action to satisfy everyone’s needs.

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