Movie of the Day – Hackers

Well, it was bound to happen, I decided to choose one of those so bad it’s good kind of films.  We all have those movies we like that are kind of  bad, but they are good for their short comings.  Mine is Hackers, a 1995 film about the fringe and underground society of hackers that do what they want, when they want, all through the use of the emerging technology that is computers.  Now I don’t know much about hacking, but it looked really cool when I was ten and if all the hacking chicks looked like Angelina Jolie, then I need a powerbook duo and a slick hacking name.

Hackers is one of those enjoyable movies where you sit back and think to yourself, hacking is not like that.  Shit, computers weren’t like that.  From what I have seen from documentaries and the Matrix, hacking isn’t all that glamorous.  Maybe I wasn’t part of the that fringe culture but whatever, this movie is so bad it’s good.

A young boy by the name of “Zero Cool”, hacks the New York Stock Exchange and causes a 7 point drop and people lose their shit.  So the courts decide that this prodigy is too dangerous to let near a computer or phone and ban him from using said devices until he is 18.  Well years later, he turns 18, get his phone and computer and promptly hacks a television station because he wanted to watch some TV.  He crosses path with a fellow hacker and both virtually tango and he is bested.  He starts high school shortly after being released and it is basically a school where all the nerds and geeks go and they are all super cool techno punks.  Zero Cool or Dade, is befriended by a group of other like minded individuals and they all get together to hack.  One of their friends stumbles across some data indicating a corporate extortion act where Hackers are being targeted as the culprit.  Dade and his group look to fight back against the man responsible and the end.

I will say this, the story arch is terrible.  I mean a convoluted plot where a security tech manager for a large oil firm is holding the corporation hostage and fingering the culprits as some high school hackers.  Then those hackers band together from around the world to take on the security tech who is also some sort of master hacker and they battle on the mainframe of the corporate site, all while the security tech guy battles back from this giant Battleship board of a keyboard.  It’s ridiculous but in all honestly, it’s a lot more interesting to watch this than the real thing.  Heck if this was meant to be realistic, it would be a bunch of script kiddies in their parents house using DOS to bring down a site.  Not the computer animated viruses like the bunny trail where a virtual bunny multiplies on the screen, crowding the server.

So while the director and computer graphics department made the actual act of hacking look interesting, the portrayal of the cyberpunk society is interesting.  Now we have seen countless movies portray hackers in this light of fringe society.  The people that live on the fringe are the jacked in, technophiles that only function when they are near a computer.  The movie brings together this Beneton ad group of hackers, all walks of life coming together through the use of computers and it is an interesting commentary (implied or not) on the inter-connective use that the internet and computers will do to society.  We can connect with almost anyone now with the push of a button and all become united through one common technology. I digress as I want to touch on the way the cyberpunk society is portrayed.

The movie itself is somewhat forgettable, but it has its moments of glory.  The slick graphics of 1995 computing power and what could have kick started my affinity for girls with short hair.  DAMN YOU ANGELINA JOLIE and your cute pixie haircut.  If there is anything to take away from this movie, for me personally, it is how hot Angelina looked with short hair.  I guess that does explain my love of girls with short hair.  Whatever.


Anyways, the movie is available on Netflix Instant Stream and it is well worth a look.  Laugh at the plot, enjoy the cheesy computer graphics and just wallow in the so bad it’s good movie.

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One Response to Movie of the Day – Hackers

  1. Frank Bishop says:

    I love this movie too, actually I love the soundtrack even more. This movie is how I got into The Prodigy.

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